Banana Pancakes

After waking up at a ridiculous hour for an intense heartcore pilates class, all I could think about was (elegantly) scoffing down breakfast. Banana pancakes are the perfect post-work out breakfast as they are a great balance of protein and carbs. I make them most mornings because they are so easy and so good for you. The main ingredients for one portion are: 2 eggs, 1 banana. That’s it!

Berries are optional but have so much nutritional value and make them taste even better.

Slice up the banana into a bowl. I doubled the recipe for Ming and I, which is easy enough to do, even with my poor maths skills… 1×2=2 bananas, 2×2=4 eggs! Yay for maths! My stats teacher would be proud.

Add the eggs.

Mush them all together until there are hardly any lumps, none if possible. You can do this with a whisk or a fork to make sure it’s all whisked together, but I find it easiest with a potato masher.

Turn your stove on a medium heat. Add some oil onto the pan (coconut oil is best but you can use whatever), unless you have a non-stick pan, then GOOD FOR YOU. I didn’t have coconut oil either.

Pour on the batter to whatever size/shape pancake you like, and flip when appropriate so each side is cooked without burning.

So I’m not great at flipping pancakes apparently..

I originally found this recipe on Blogilates, but adapted it for myself by adding blueberries into the batter.

It’s not a beauty contest, okay?

Keep going until all the batter has gone, and try not to eat the finished pancakes whilst you wait for the rest to cook.

Garnish with berries to make it beautiful/drown the mess you made in berries to disguise it as something remotely decent-looking. I guarantee yours will be better-looking than mine are, but they will taste equally as delicious. You don’t need to add any sugar or syrups as the banana makes them sweet enough.


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