Dinner at Bob Bob Ricard, London

Today, I present to you the King of all cheat meals (why does this keep happening?). Bikini season is just days away and I am doing this to myself. If you’re wanting to treat your body as a temple this summer, then stop reading now. Especially if you’re hungry. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
We had our first meal together as a full family in a long time since everyone is usually in different corners of the globe doing god knows what, and where better to go for such a special occasion than to Bob Bob Ricard?

Bob Bob Ricard is stunning. Everything about it is beautiful – the interior, the food, the drinks, even the waiter’s outfits.

Never have I been so excited as when I saw this little button…

I was planning on pressing it and spending the rest of the night sipping on champagne… Until I saw the cocktail list. Hello, Champagne Mojito! It was a perfect mix of sweet and tangy, and was washed down far quicker than an Asian should drink alcohol. Mum did the same with her Strawberry Sauvignon Twinkle and ended up a little happy for the rest of the night, which I’m not going to pretend I didn’t enjoy.

Daddy Bridges was kept happy with his organic beer, which he said was very nice. I had a sip but as hard as I’ve tried to be a beer girl, it’s just not happening.

As always, we ordered a range of starters to share so we get to try a bit of everything. We ordered the ‘BBR Signature Venison Tartare Imperial’ which was made with 12G Petrossian Alverta Sturgeon caviar, the seabass ceviche with avocado and oysters baked with parmesan and black truffle.

Everything was amazing, particularly the oysters. This is mainly because I love oysters, parmesan and black truffle, so it was destiny.
For mains, Mama Bridges went for the chateaubriand, which was 28 day aged fillet of Aberdeenshire scotch beef. It was a little disappointing as the outsides were very dry, although the centre was fine.

Ming ordered the grilled fillets of seabass, which was the best dish out of all of the ones we ordered. It tasted so fresh that the juice of the lemon that came with it was all it needed as a dressing.

Daddy Bridges got the ‘Mariner’s Fish Pie’, which he enjoyed. I absolutely loved the branded patterns on top of the pies.

My chicken, mushroom and champagne pie had a different pattern which excited me far more than it probably should have. I’ll admit that I ordered the pie purely because it had champagne as one of the ingredients, and came with truffle gravy. I couldn’t really taste the champagne but still enjoyed it. It looked a lot bigger than it was, which was essentially as a good thing as they looked massive and I’m only one tiny person.

As always, we ordered a range of healthy sides. We resisted the truffled mashed potato and lobster mashed potato and went with sautĂ©ed spinach, tomato salad and the crushed minted peas. The first two were the average sides you’d expect, but the crushed minted peas were exceptionally good as the two flavours worked perfectly together.

I tried to convince someone to share the beef wellington for two with me, but there were no takers. I got major food envy when I saw the table next to us had ordered it.

Although my mood was lifted when I glanced at the dessert list (just kidding, the dessert list was clearly the first thing I looked at).

Again, we got two to share so we didn’t feel like little fatties. I highly recommend everybody should try both of them. The first was the ‘Strawberries & Cream’ SoufflĂ© which was outstanding. I had to fight spoons away to get some for myself. Things very nearly got ugly.

Mum was unimpressed with the amount of cream he poured in and decided to use up the rest.

And this. The ‘BBR Signature Chocolate Glory’. Watching this transform was (sadly?) the highlight of the evening. Until we tasted it.

Every man for himself.

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  1. June 12, 2013 / 7:20 am

    omg, that chocolate desert looks AMAZEBALLS! wowzerz!! <3 <3 <3


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