Dinner at El Barlovento, Sotogrande

I love restaurants that you wouldn’t know about or notice unless someone recommended it to you. Places where it doesn’t look like it’s anything special, but the food is great. El Barlovento is modestly tucked away amongst a street of other restaurants.

This was our menu, placed on a chair in front of our table for us to all see.

They had the best-looking bread! It looked like a football.

We got the tomato salad with mozzarella as a shared starter. The tomatoes were freshly picked from their kitchen garden and were incredibly fresh and tender.

We made full use of the bread.

We also ordered the prawns, which were very very good.

The owner highly recommended the anchovies with lemon, which I was a bit reluctant to order as I’d never really had much experience with them before, but they tasted a bit like white bait which I really liked.

Lucy never usually likes anchovies but really enjoyed them here, so you know it’s good.

The calamari was also excellent, but there’s never really anywhere that has done calamari that I haven’t enjoyed.

The fish, being so fresh, were highly recommended as the mains. The owner spoke highly of the baked sea bream, although he said that it had a lot of bones but was worth it if we were okay with that. None of us could really be bothered to deal with the bones so we ordered the second best options, which were the sole, john dory and swordfish.

I was greedy to try them all so I went halves with Dad, sharing half my swordfish to try the john dory. Both were so good. His was much lighter, whereas the swordfish is a bit like a steak of the sea – both being equally as delicious, just different in flavour.
All the fish came with grilled vegetables, so you really couldn’t get much healthier than this.

The detox stays strong!

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