Dinner at La Quinta, Sotogrande

In Spain we have a selected few restaurants that we always go to when we’re here. When we want a meat night, we’ll head to La Quinta. La Quinta is an Argentinian restaurant, with amazing meats imported directly from Argentina.

The polo grounds beside the restaurant.

They gave us a cosy, colourful table in the corner.

Their bread was a lovely ciabatta, but wasn’t tempted as it wasn’t warm – yay! Carb-free dinner once again.

Dad had his usual.

I had mine.

Once again I was put in charge of ordering the starters. People are beginning to appreciate my good taste… About time.
The ‘Pil-Pil’ Maurice Prawns were the best. It had a rich flavour which was a blend of garlic, pepper and paprika.

We also ordered the ‘Three Colour Salad’ with tomato, buffalo mozzarella, basil, black olives and avocado as it had all of Lucy’s favourite things.

We were recommended the Asparagus ‘La Quinta’ with parmesan and fried provincial mushrooms, which was good but nothing spectacular.

I did, however, really enjoy the Salad ‘La Quinta’ with crispy spanish ham, avocado, green salad, rocket and cherry tomatoes. It also had strawberries in it, which was a nice surprise as it didn’t state it in the menu.

For mains, Lucy got the ribs, which she ate very politely with her fork and knife – something I clearly am unable to do myself when it comes to ribs. I may or may not have been said to be ‘most attractive when eating ribs’ in my school yearbook.

Frankie ordered the Breaded Chicken Napolitana Milanesa, which was chicken with ham and melted cheese. It was apparently delicious (who doesn’t love anything with melted cheese?) but it was a big portion so make sure you’re hungry.

Hannah went for the Salad ‘La Quinta’ that we also had as a starter before.

I went for my favourite, the plum chicken. I ordered it on my first or second visit to the restaurant, and never looked back since. It comes with a creamy sauce on top, so if you’re not up for that then ask for it without the sauce. The plum sauce under the chicken skin goes beautifully with the chicken.

Dad and Grandma got the fillet steak. Clearly a great option at any Argentinian restaurant.

We (I) ordered an array of sides to go with our mains – mushrooms, creamed spinach and onions. They were all so good. I remember I never liked mushrooms before I had them here. They’re that good.

Frankie and Lucy also ordered a side french fries. They are blurred in the background, just like they were blurred to my vision last night.

When I was 11 I thought I could be a vegetarian. That lasted until dinner that night. Yay for carnivores! 

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