Dinner at Mar Blau, Mallorca

My diet in Mallorca so far has been fuelled by seafood and alcohol. Tonight was no exception. Before dinner, we met up with Angela, Lisa and Debbie at Villa Italia for drinks.

Sam was the star of the show at Villa Italia. What more do women need from a man than a cheeky smile and the ability to make a good cocktail? Not much is the answer.

Sam the Man returned swiftly armed with our alcoholic beverages.

Frankie ordered the ‘Burk Passion’ which was so nice, especially since I am such a big fan of passionfruit in cocktails. I instantly regretted my drink decision…

Not that mine was bad at all. I ordered the Watermelon Mojito, mainly because of it’s interesting name.

Georgie got an ordinary mojito.

Lisa wanted something refreshing and went for a cold beer, served in a glass which suddenly made me think it was the most elegant thing.

Sam was lovely and brought us some complementary fried shrimp with sweet chilli sauce. Oh, Sam. What a babe.

During drinks, Lisa was saying how she was craving padron peppers. I had no idea what they were, especially since I’m not really a huge fan of peppers. Georgie’s sister recommended Mar Blau for great padron peppers, so we walked down to the port and to the restaurant for dinner.

We were brought complementary hors d’oeuvres… I’m not really sure what they are. Well, I know they were cherry tomato, banana and pineapple. It was an interesting combination – and not good interesting. I’d have enjoyed them separately, but didn’t really appreciate the adventurous combination.

What I did appreciate was the aioli dip that was brought out. Oh god. The floodgates opened with my first taste of it the other night. There’s no going back to the world where I didn’t know this garlic-goodness existed.

As soon as we sat down at the table, we immediately ordered the padron peppers. I take back every bad word I’ve said about peppers. I can no longer generalise them and say that I hate all peppers – because I loved these. They were delicious, cooked in oil with a perfect amount of  salt flakes over them. The fun part was that there was one or two hot peppers hidden amongst them, and you wouldn’t know which it was until you saw someone’s (or your) face scrunch up in horror. Thankfully that person wasn’t me, so the game is still fun in my eyes.

Oh, and we didn’t order one plate. We ordered three. They’re that good.

Lisa ordered the Penne Arrabiatta. She sweetly thought that she should jazz the appearance of the dish up for the blog photos.

A work of art.

The turbot, monkfish and salmon were all fresh and delicious as always, although the monkfish was a little dry, but still yummy. However, it wasn’t the fish that stood out for a change – the vegetables were beautiful, and I rarely say that about vegetables. A mix of carrots, beans, mushrooms and the tears of angels (okay maybe a slight exaggeration, but they were good).

I thought I wasn’t hungry before dinner. I was wrong.

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