Dinner at Midas, Sotogrande

Hola España!
Midas is one of my family’s favourites in Spain. It’s tucked away in the port in Sotogrande located in San Roque.

Everyone was exhausted and starving from travelling so we went to dinner just after 7pm, which is really early for Spain. The restaurant was basically empty and the kitchen wasn’t even open until 7.30pm.

We would’ve actually sat outside and waited for them to let us in if they’d turned us away. Thankfully we didn’t have to resort to that.

The olives were the first form of food we’d seen in hours and we inhaled it as if we hadn’t eaten in days.

I’m usually pretty good at avoiding bread, but it’s so much harder when you know it’s warm. It took so much self-restraint to avoid it.

As always, we ordered a range of starters to share. We ordered Iberian sausage and ham, which always tastes better in Spain.

We ordered the fried camembert with raspberry jam which was really complimentary. Hannah thoroughly enjoyed her first camembert experience.

The grilled prawns and grilled squid is usually a main but we ordered them as starters. They were both incredible and fresh as anything. I absolutely love grilled squid, and since I was put in charge of ordering the starters, I made sure I ordered two plates so I could eat more.

For mains, Hannah had the ‘Tataki’ red tuna salad marinated in ginger with purple onion, pistachio nuts and apple oil. The dressing tasted as if there was some soy in it, which gave an Asian edge to the dish.

Lucy and Frankie ordered the spaghetti carbonara, which came as a huge portion. Personally I’m not a huge fan of carbonara as I usually enjoy the first few mouthfuls but find it too creamy very soon after. There’s only been a couple of times where the sauce is more heavy on the parmesan than creamy that I’ve really liked it. The carbonara here was apparently good but quite creamy so they were unable to finish. Maybe I ordered too many starters. Whoops.

Ming had the red tuna fillet steak, which she said was excellent, especially since tuna fillet can tend to be quite dry.

I ordered my absolute favourite here – Goats cheese salad with pine nuts, balsamic vinegar and tomato. I order this every time I come and highly recommend this to anyone who comes here. I spoke so highly of it that the girls ordered it as another starter and tore it apart.
I also usually get the chicken, which is cooked with apple and is amazing, so I would recommend that as well. I didn’t order it this time as it comes with potatoes – and it’s after 5pm.

Mum, Dad and Grandma Bridges shared the seabream baked in salt. It’s not on the menu but they generally always have it, so just ask for it if you’re keen.

They were too busy to tell me much about it.

But I think the fact that they didn’t offer to share means it was good.

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