Gelato at Giovanni L., Mallorca

So the weather wasn’t great. Clouds appeared and the forecast was predicting rain. 
We discussed things to do since our option of tanning was slowly evaporating. Potential options were watching TV, playing monopoly, but instead WE DECIDED TO GET GELATO BECAUSE THAT’S ALWAYS THE ANSWER TO EVERYTHING.
Best idea ever.
Giovanni L. doesn’t have the largest range of flavours I’ve seen, but every single one looked incredible and was presented and decorated beautifully.

How am I supposed to pick!? I stood in front of the flavours for about 10 minutes trying to eliminate my options before I even saw this sign:

And don’t get me started on the menu. It was a good 20 minutes before I could even think about ordering.

Alex and Georgie were sensible and decisive – everything I wish I was. They ordered scoops of the fruity, yogurt flavours (which they said were so so good).

I lived through Frankie as she ordered a banana chocolate waffle. These pictures are actually making me drool nearly as much as I was when it was opposite me.

Flicking through the menu, I was about to settle on a sundae made with vanilla and hazelnut gelato, covered in caramel sauce and topped with cream and chopped nuts. That is, before I saw that they did gelato spaghetti. How could I not order one of these bad boys?
I really wanted the chocolate one but the child in me thought the vanilla ones looked more like spaghetti and therefore it made sense that I ordered that one instead. I got the Spaghetti Fruitas del Bursque, which was vanilla gelato, cream, strawberry sauce, wildberries and white chocolate bits.

HOW COOL IS THIS. We stared in awe as we watched the gelato was turned into spaghetti form.

Then this beauty was created.

It was delicious. It was mind-boggling, but I loved the deliciousness of the freshly made vanilla gelato with the strawberries, and the occasional soft crunch of white chocolate. The only thing was that everything was so good, apart from one of the sauces that was on it… It wasn’t the strawberry sauce, it was another that wasn’t put on the menu so I wasn’t sure what it was, maybe wildberry sauce? Regardless, it was a bit too strong for my liking, so kind of dampened the greatness of this creation. Damn, should have got the chocolate. But the vanilla looks supercool, no?

I love you, gelato. Who needs sun when you can wear a big, baggy jumper and eat a bowl of sugar? Nomnomnom.

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