Grandma's Italian Chicken

When no one can be bothered to go out, or we are in need for some home-made comfort food, Grandma always makes her Italian Chicken dish. She used to host/attend big dinner parties, so she knows how to cook for various different parties of people. This recipe is easy to adjust to suit any amount of people, as well as being healthy and low-carb/calorie. 
Firstly, pick what veggies you want and chop them up. We used peppers, mushrooms, carrots and onion. It was for 4 people, so we used 1 packet of mushrooms, 2 peppers, etc (however much you want, however hungry everyone is… you get the idea). You can use whatever veggies you like though, courgettes work really well with this dish as well.

Whack some oil in a pan and put it on medium heat. Pop your onion on top.

You can use whichever part of the chicken (I find thigh the tastiest) but breast is healthiest and lowest calorie. Go for skinless, or just take the skin off, as it’s a lot healthier.

Put the chicken amongst the onions.

Crush up the garlic (we used 2 cloves).

Pop that in the mix, and toss in your carrots.

Now for the flavour. You’ll need some basil, Italian herb, and 2 pots of pasta sauce (Loyd Grossman’s Chargrilled Vegetables and Tomato & Basil).

Pour in both jars of the sauce

You’ll also need a can of chopped tomatoes. Pour this in, then mix the bottom with a tiny bit of water to get the most out of the can.

Squirt in some tomato purée into the can, again mix it with a dash of water, then pour it into the pan.

Add in a sachet of basil and Italian herbs.

Now add some pesto and tomato pesto. You can use as much as you want to create, there’s no set amount. I use quite a lot as I loveee pesto.

Add in the rest of the veggies

Now add generous amounts of salt and pepper.

Have a little taste of the sauce to make sure you’ve flavoured it to (your ideal) perfection.

Cover up the pan with tinfoil and turn the hob down to a low heat. Leave it to cook – it should be around 30 minutes, but check it and give it a poke at around 20 just in case.


Transfer it into a bowl to serve.

Make a nice salad to go with it. You can also make potatoes, pasta or rice, as they compliment the dish just as well, but it’s after 5pm and we all know what that means.

Lean and green beauty. Thank’s Grandma xoxo

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