Lebanese Lettuce Cups

I absolutely love Lebanese food. I’ve grown up eating it and no matter how often I have it, I never ever get tired of it. Depending on what you order though, it can get quite heavy, but through many many meals I have found ways of making it healthier and more bikini-body friendly.
These little Lebanese Lettuce Cups are super quick and easy to make. They are great as a snack, a light-lunch, or even for a group of friends. All you need are these:

Falafel, lettuce, tabbouleh and houmous.
It’s best if you make them fresh yourself, but ain’t nobody got time for dat. Obviously, if you make it  yourself, you can control the ingredients and make it as healthy as you like, therefore that would be the best option. Being little lazy me, I went out to the supermarket and the Lebanese store to pick up my ingredients.
As you can see, I had the option of using either houmous from the store or reduced fat houmous.

Sorry, fresh houmous. As beautiful as you are, it’s bikini season.

Not many supermarkets sell fresh tabbouleh though, and a lot that do sell the Moroccan kind which is a lot different. Again, it’s much better to make your own, but hey-ho life is short.

Lay out your lettuce leaves on your serving plate of choice.

Open that pot of houmous and spread a good amount over each leaf.

Ooh yeah.

Now put a generous serving of tabbouleh on top.

Now go fetch your falafel (also bought from the Lebanese store as I like them fresh).

Chop it up into little pieces and coat a layer over the tabbouleh.

All done!
Now wasn’t that easy? Admire your work.

These cups are great for vegetarians. For you carnivores craving something a little meatier, you can use minced lamb instead of falafel.
You are about to witness the epitome of laziness, as I couldn’t be bothered to cook lamb so I bought lamb kibbeh instead from the Lebanese store. I have things to do, okay?

Chop them in half.


Scoop out the lamb, pine nuts, etc. Just everything that’s inside the filling.

I bet you’re judging me, aren’t you?
Well IT’S ALL DONE NOW so you can thank me for making your life a lot easier instead!

What a beautiful platter. Healthy, light and delicious.

If you’re like me and absolutely hate wasting food, then try this (or just do it anyway).

Scoop some houmous into the kibbeh shell.

Cover with tabbouleh.

Yay for an additional snack to keep you busy whilst you serve your Lebanese Lettuce Cups!


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