Lunch at El Trasmallo de Agustino, Torreguadiaro

We were highly recommended to go to El Trasmallo de Agustino because of raving reviews of their seafood. You can either sit inside where it’s slightly fancier, or outside beside the road, and you’re able to choose between the main menu or a tapas bar menu. I love seafood. And tapas. There was no objection coming from me. We headed there for a quick lunch before heading to the airport.

There was a great tapas selection, and we decided on ordering 5 dishes between the 6 of us. At first I doubted this decision but the portion sizes were actually quite large so it was perfect. We ordered a plate of fried anchovies, fried squid, octopus with potatoes, white prawns and spanish ham. 
The reviews were right – the seafood was fabulous. Very fresh, as it always seems to be in Spain (at least everywhere that I’ve eaten), and cooked to perfection. To be honest it’s hard to compare the seafood at all the restaurants I’ve been to this week as everything has been so good.

The octopus with potatoes were especially good. I like octopus – it always sounds so exotic and it’s rarely on many menus and I always feel like I should make the most of a restaurant by ordering dishes that aren’t the ordinary (although things like calamari and prawns are a classic order).

The prawns were also great – they were covered in rock salt which heightened it’s flavour. However, I only had a couple because as good as they were, I was feeling a bit too lazy to peel them… Don’t judge me.

I liked the customised wet-tissues they gave us as well. I feel like they make the restaurant that little bit more personalised.

The ham came last, even though I expected it to be the quickest thing to prepare. It was inhaled. Even though the seafood was recommended, we had to order the ham for our last lunch. It was a great decision, and it became a polite but subtly aggressive battle for the ham.

The service overall was quick and friendly, and it was perfect for a speedy meal. To be honest, I get the feeling it’s quite versatile for a short lunch, nice dinner, even or just a relaxing afternoon to sit outside in the sun. We were happy (and stuffed) little girlies by the end of the short hour we were there. Couldn’t have asked for a better last meal!

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