Lunch at The Juicery in Equinox, London

My parents and I had a little family meeting over lunch, so went to meet Ming who was at Equinox, a gym in Kensington. After a week full of carbs and sugar, we needed something healthy. The Juicery is the lovely café in Equinox. This café was incredible. It seriously makes you want to join the gym.

With a menu customised by Christian Coates, the creator of Soulmatefood, you know you’re in good hands.

Every single item in the menu looked amazing. I genuinely feel the need to join the gym just so I can try them all.

The picture is a little blurry but it’s protein brownies and flapjacks. I know.

You can get all the salads to takeaway, and they show you them in the display but make them freshly for you.

I thought picking my salad was tough, but scanning through the juices was by far the hardest decision of the afternoon. They even have additional add-ons to make them healthier.
I managed to persuade Mama and Paps to order the Sunset and Ambrose (I really wanted to try them). Sunset had banana, blueberry, acai, pomegranate and coconut water. Ambrose contained raspberry, lemon, elderflower and rosewater. Both were amazing. Sunset was creamier as it had banana, but Ambrose was sweeter. The best part was that they are both so good for you.

I ordered the Peanut Butter Smoothie. I couldn’t really taste the peanut butter but I could definitely taste the cacao – it was amazing. It was really creamy because of the banana and avocado in it, which I enjoyed, but I shouldn’t have ordered a medium as after a few sips I was already getting full, and my salad was still coming.

Ming had the Vine with an extra shot of Maca. Health in a cup, basically.

The salads were equally as delicious. I ordered the Spring Quinoa Salad which had quinoa, feta, chickpeas, asparagus and broccoli with lime dressing. I ordered a side of salmon to go with it.


Ming ordered the Superfood Salad.

Papa Bridges got the Beet and Walnut salad.

Typical little Asian Mama got this bad boy. I can’t remember the exact name but I’m pretty sure it’s along the lines of Detox Salmon Bento Box.

I could go into detail about each of them individually but they were all just as good as each other.

They also got the wrap Chicken and Mango Wrap to share.

Ming ordered a massive pot of green tea to wash everything down.

I had an appointment soon after, so we got takeaway cups for the tea. How cute are they?

The rest of Equinox was stunning too. If you’re fortunate enough to be a member, then well good for you. It’s a shame Ming’s never really in the UK or she’d be a member and I’d have an excuse to sneak in and eat here!
I’ve decided that if I ever choose to join a gym, my hunt will start at checking out the juice and salad options. Then the classes. Thinking about exercise makes me hungry, okay?

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