Lunch at Kamenice, Dubrovnik

How beautiful is Dubrovnik?!

I spent the morning climbing across Dubrovnik’s medieval wall, working up an appetite/burning some cal’s before lunch.

Dubrovnik is full of coffee shops and restaurants that all look very similar, so you probably can’t go too far wrong with any of them. I noticed a lot of them offered free wifi too (in case that is of any interest..?). We were recommended to go to Kamenice for lunch (did not have free wifi…), so we headed there. I got the feeling it was pretty popular amongst the tourists as everyone seemed to know where was.

We were given a plate of dried figs to start with, which was surprisingly nice as I don’t usually like figs/probably never actually tried it.

Dad was happy with his beer.

On such a sunny day I knew I’d be having seafood so I ordered some local white wine for the table, which arrived in an adorable little pitcher.

Dubrovnik is known as the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’ and is famous for its muscles, oysters and olive oil. Ming and I tactically made sure we included all 3 in our order. We started off with the oysters, which were plain with just some lemon.

Mum ordered some calamari which was delicious.

Ming and my big plate of muscles to share arrived (which were then stolen by everyone else). They were great but had some seaweed stuck on them and the shells, which you can view as being extremely fresh or not properly cleaned. Remember if muscle shells are closed shut, don’t force them open. Just leave them as it means they’re no good and may make you ill if eaten.

The muscle risotto was fantastic. I ended up stealing half the plate (whoops) because it was so good. I would come back just for this dish.

Actually I would come back for this as well. Ming and I ordered octopus salad which had octopus mixed with tomato, onion and olive oil, with a lonely little olive on the top. It was such a summer dish and so light, something I would definitely want to make at home.

The prawn risotto was good, but a bit too creamy for me. Nothing compared to the muscle risotto, which was in a much lighter tomato base.

I really enjoyed the restaurant, but the only thing I would say is do not come here if you have a fear of birds or pigeons. They were roaming around the restaurant and would walk under the table, which freaked me out a little bit. I have some friends who absolutely cannot handle pigeons (you know who you are) so I would recommend a nice indoor cafĂ© if that’s the case!

There was a nice little market next to the restaurant, which we checked out afterwards.

There are lots of little streets with many touristy shops which were a lot of fun to look in. There was a shop full of olive oils, spices, truffles and everything which I fell in love with, and left with these bad boys. I will now be flavouring ALL my food with olive oil of chilli, basil, lemon, rosemary and garlic flavour.

I absolutely love truffles and was so tempted to go home with these too but restrained myself.

As there always is in sunny tourist locations, the area was looted with gelato shops. I didn’t get the name but they’re all pretty similar, this one just had a lot of flavours to choose from so we popped inside here.

There was a flavour called “Double Kiss” which was a mix of hazelnut and chocolate. Hazelnut gelato is my absolute favourite, and I don’t usually go for mixed flavours as they don’t tend to be as nice, but I went for it purely for the cute name, along with a mint chocolate which was unsurprisingly named “After Eight”.

I was right, it wasn’t as nice. Should have just gone for hazelnut. Damn. The mint chocolate was really refreshing though, especially since it was so hot. I ate it all anyway.
Grandma had the right idea and just got a scoop of mint chocolate.

Ming got the mint chocolate too (clearly runs in the family). She also asked the shop keeper what their most popular flavour was, and they said it was the ‘cookies’ flavour, which she then ordered as her second scoop. She gave me some to try and it was amazing. I got food envy bad and sulked a little as I watched her eat away happily.
Smug bitch.

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