Lunch at Ottolenghi, London (Belgravia)

My gorgeous sister/best friend, Ming, has arrived in London! We share the same love of food and desire to eat as well as as healthily as we can, so she’s always been the perfect companion for breakfast/brunch/lunch/afternoon tea/dinner/drinks dates. What better way to catch up than over a meal?
We headed over to Ottolenghi, one of our favourite places for a good lunch.

Ottolenghi currently has 4 locations in London, but we headed to the one in Belgravia as it was near the shops we were planning to hit later. As soon as you walk in, you’re greeted with literally a mountain of desserts of every perfect combination that you could have dreamed of. We shut our eyes and headed straight for the salads.

My favourite lunch places are ones that have platters of different salads laid out for you to pick and mix which ones you want. They always look incredible, and you forget how healthy they are and the fact that they are vegetables, which just makes it even better.
The first time I came to Ottolenghi I was never a big salad person. Until I tried the food. I now absolutely love them. If you’re not either, then places like this are the perfect starting point.

They also have an array of snacks that makes you want to think of people you can buy them as gifts for. Then probably keeping them for yourself.

You can also buy Ottolenghi’s cookbooks here. Ming and I already bought them but embarrassingly have yet to make anything. A part of me is desperate to try but the other knows that there is no way in hell that it will taste as good as here.

There’s extremely limited seating in the store, which is why takeaway is usually a good option unless you are lucky enough to bag a seat. Ming and I headed outside to have our lunch in the sun.

Next stop, Victoria’s Secret!

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