Lunch at Terra Sana, Estepona

Another beautiful day in  sunny Spain!
When it’s so hot, there’s nothing better to eat than lots of seafood, salads and fresh juices. With that in mind, we headed to Terra Sana. Terra Sana is my favourite chain in Spain, and they are scattered everywhere. 

We went to one located in Laguna Village.

Because the sun was shining, inside was unsurprisingly empty.

There’s an absolutely gorgeous beach club next door.

The amount of awards Terra Sana have shows just how good their food is, but I’ll tell you about it anyway.

Everything looks delicious on their menu. They do breakfast, sharing plates, wraps, salads, mains and kids meals – quite literally something for everyone. I tend to go for their wraps or salads as they have the best combinations of ingredients, and if you don’t like something they are more than happy to take it out for you, as well as giving you the option to add things like prawns or chicken to your salad (for a slight extra cost).

They also have an adorable legend.

Their juices are fresh and healthy as anything. I find their menu alters slightly from different locations but the majority of it stays the same. I went to the Terra Sanna in La CaƱada, which is a shopping mall in Marbella, and ordered a Detox juice with a wheatgrass shot, but they didn’t have that here, or the option to add any boosters. However, there is still a great list of healthy combinations to choose from.

Frankie and Hannah both ordered the Exotica (pineapple, pear and strawberry).

Trying to be as healthy as I can, I went for the Zinger (Apple, carrot, orange and ginger) but asked for celery instead of ginger, as Hannah ordered it the other day and it was a bit too gingery for our liking.

Lucy was very happy with her Melon Star (melon, apple and lemon).

I absolutely love all their salads, and constantly debate which to pick until literally seconds before I have to order – there’s usually an awkward pause where the waitress is waiting and panic rushes through me. Hannah chose the ‘Wellness & Energy’, which had Thai style smoked tofu with rice noodles, crushed peanuts, basil, bean sprouts, spring onions, coriander, Chinese cabbage and lettuce hearts. She ordered it with the soy dressing on the side. Hannah said it was delicious and the tofu tasted like meat.

I ordered the ‘Terra Sana Salad’, which had avocado, tomato, feta, dates, cucumber, red onion, black olives and mixed nuts on a bed of mixed lettuce leaves and summer herb dressing on top. I absolutely loved it – already planning to put dates in my salads when I get home.

Frankie and Lucy went for the ‘Beach Boys Burger’ which was a chicken burger ‘with a twist’. We are still not sure what the twist was, maybe the fact that it was on brown bread or marinated in something. Either way they enjoyed it.

We ate in the sun, enjoying it until I freaked out about not putting on enough suncream and getting burnt. I tried to cover up my shoulders with the closed umbrella next to me. I refuse to get burnt. Again.

Tan, here I come!

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