Lunch at Toula's, Corfu

If you’re in Corfu, there’s one restaurant that you need to go to.

BUT FIRST let me talk a bit about before this amazing lunch.
We walked around Corfu tempted by the amazing Greek food, but thankfully I didn’t give in.

I love the amount of fresh seafood Corfu has to offer.

Okay, I lied. I did give in. I would mention this shop in the title of the post but I’m not even going to try to spell it, so I took a picture of the front of the shop instead. It’s located in the centre of the old town in Corfu.

The shop was loaded with treats. I wanted to buy and eat everything here.

I absolutely love baklava. I had to keep reminding myself that we were having lunch soon.

How cute are these little ice-creams!

They even had chocolate made with stevia, which I would have bought if it wasn’t refrigerated as it would have melted soon after walking outside.

However, I gave in to the gelato – but you seriously cannot blame me. They looked insane.

Kaimaki is a traditional Greek flavour which I was tempted to try and be adventurous, but instead I had what I had been waiting for all along…

My hazelnut gelato. FINALLY. Look how happy I am here.

The gelato even had bits of hazelnut and toffee in it, which was amazing. No one else had anything so I felt like a bit of a fat-ass but oh well. I could have stayed in that shop for ages but was dragged out/everyone left me behind.

So that was my warm-up for the main event – Toula’s.

Their toilet signs were little dolls which were adorable.

The view was incredible, and the restaurant was very very pretty.

There were a couple of birds nests outside, and they stuck hats underneath them to catch the birds if they fell out. So cuuuuteeeee.

I went for a fresh orange juice. Vitamin C, come at me.

Papa Bridges went for his usual.

We also got some rosé to go with our seafood, which we were unquestionably going to order. It came in a little pitcher again which got me far too excited. I think I have a problem.

When going to a restaurant I’ve never been to before I always think it’s best to ask what dishes are recommended or are the most popular.
Our waitress recommended ‘Toula’s Prawns’ – spicy prawns with garlic, parsley, rice and pine nuts. It was amazing. The rice was extremely fine and tasted a bit more like couscous instead, making the meal taste a lot lighter.

We also ordered white mushrooms sauté, which I also highly recommend.

The salad we ordered, made with lettuce, arugula, sun dried tomatoes, local hard cheese flakes in a sun dried tomato dressing was okay. It was nice, but I could have easily ordered something else instead which I probably would have preferred.

After our first round of dishes came our Fisherman’s basket. This includes their fish of the day, squids, shrimps, and (massive) sardines. It’s usually for 2 people but we asked to get it for 3, as we knew that a platter for 3 people would be enough for the 5 of us after our shared plates. You can get it fried or grilled, but we went for grilled (healthier and tastes better overall in my opinion).

We got the prawns to be put separately as Grandma Bridges is allergic.

The fish was as fresh as anything. I would strongly recommend this, or any other fish dish.

Their customised hand towels were such a nice touch.

Limoncello shots came with the bill.

I insisted on having a picture taken on the end of the pier. I would try a supermodel pose but that doesn’t really work out well for me, so instead I went for looking like a gleaming 5-year-old.

Now who wouldn’t be smiling after a meal like that? And maybe the fact that we’re sat on a speed boat. Hollaaaaaa.

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