Lunch & Dinner at De Pesis, Venice

We’re in Venice, Baby!

After sleeping the whole way through the plane journey, we were greeted outside the hotel with a mini bus who drove us to the water taxi.

The water taxi took us straight to the hotel.

We were starving from the plane (although I was the only one who missed the plane food by sleeping) and went straight to the hotel’s restaurant.

The view was spectacular.

We didn’t order any starters, but they brought us little fried balls of rice mixed with scallops. I was trying to avoid anything too carby but you can never say no to complimentary food…

The service was lovely and our mains arrived pretty swiftly.

My mum’s favourite is seafood pasta, so she was very happy to see linguini pasta with seafood, cherry tomatoes and ginger on the menu.

They also had short pasta with squid and cream of spring peas. The cream sauce was very light and therefore the meal wasn’t overly heavy.

Ming had the special which was a turbot, which she only told me after she had finished how good it was so she didn’t have to share.

My meal was incredible. It was the perfect size for how I was feeling, and light enough so it didn’t hold me down for the rest of the day. It wasn’t really a soup, but the broth was incredible. It was mixed seafood and had a bit of everything, scallops, prawns, salmon, monkfish – the works. I did the exact same as Ming and kept quiet so I didn’t have to share, and instead just secretly pitied everyone else because they didn’t order the same.

Then it was coffee time! I love Italian coffee.

After skipping around Venice taking super-touristy photos like this…

.. It was already time for dinner. My Dad liked the restaurant so much, and after peering at the dinner menu, we all decided to come back again for our second meal in a row.

The view was even more spectacular at night as everything was lit up. The service was even better than before as the restaurant was much busier than at lunch-time, and the staff were running around actually sweating but still maintained their friendliness and graciousness all evening.

I managed to only have half a piece of bread (I am a sucker for herb bread), and avoided the butter even though curled butter is so cute!

We had all chosen our mains until this beauty of a turbot (actually not so pretty) was brought to us. It was their special of the day and as fresh as can be, and was highly recommended to us. It was the perfect size for all 5 of us to share and since Ming raved about how good it was at lunch, we all agreed to have it.

Food envy struck again. The table next to us ordered steak and I was starving.

The restaurant nicely gave us a small complementary dish, which was stuffed squid.

Our starters (obviously to share) came. The prawns were very very good.

I absolutely love scallops. The mix of scallops, boiled egg and avocado was amazing.

The mixed sashimi was so clever. Instead of making sushi with japanese rice, they laid sashimi on top of flavoured couscous for an innovative and healthier alternative.

Then it was turbot time.

The turbot was extremely fresh, although I found it a little dry but everyone else thought theirs was perfect, so either I got a bad piece or I was just being a little fish snob.

Being in Italy we had to order dessert, even if it was to share.
The ice-cream was incredible, especially the vanilla. You could tell it was freshly made and the flavours were so rich. I love Italy.

The strawberry tiramisu wasn’t really a tiramisu, it was more of a cream roll. It was still very nice, just a bit creamy for my liking. The rose ice-cream was fantastic though.

So cute – cream-filled strawberry

We got more complimentary food, an assortment of little pastries. They were nice but I only had half the one with jam in it – not worth the calories.
I have developed a new love of dessert wine. This was incredible. I am determined to buy some dessert wine when I get home, this one in particular. 


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