Breakfast at Bodo's Bagels, Virginia

Being the crazy kids that we are, we went to bed at 7.30. No no, not in the morning from all night partying. 7.30pm. Yep, that happened. In all fairness, we had been drinking during the day, but there is still a little shame writing it out now, even though there should be no shame in getting a good 11 hours sleep. However, this meant we woke up at… 6.30am. I went straight to the gym to try and work off my sugar-fueled day yesterday. Clearly, my reward for gymming was Bodo’s Bagels, which just means I need to go to the gym again tomorrow to work off today.

These are one of the best bagels in Virginia. They had so many options to choose from, and so many ingredients that you could choose to make your own masterpiece, giving the chance to let your hungry tummy to go crazyyyyy. Bodo’s makes your wildest bagel fantasies come true.
Bagels are horrifically calorific, so I went for a 100% whole wheat bagel to try and be as good and as healthy as possible.

Frankie got a Deli bagel with egg, cream cheese and deli meats on a plain bagel.

Alec ordered a plain bagel with smoked turkey, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo and bacon. However, I’m pretty certain they accidentally swapped his plain bagel for my 100% wholewheat bagel…

.. Therefore I got the plain bagel. Wahhhh my one attempt to be healthy on this trip fails miserably. At least the rest of it was full of healthy goodness. I got avocado, tomato, light eggs (made of egg whites) and pesto. At first I was a little worried that my creativeness got a bit out of hand and that the combination was a little risky, but it was actually so delicious.

White complex carbohydrates, you’ve struck again.

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