Breakfast at Jones The Grocer, Singapore

Jones is my favourite place Singapore to go for breakfast. I don’t think I’ve ever come here for any other meal other than breakfast. It has a great menu, super-speedy service and is full of food lovers and English mothers. It’s in Dempsey Hill, which is full of amazing restaurants. If you’re ever unsure of where to go, just head there and your won’t be stuck for choice.

They have a good range of pastries if you’re in that sort of mood. I obviously was in the mood, as always. I obviously didn’t have any. They used to do beautiful cupcakes here, which I ordered for my birthday when I was turning 15, but sadly I don’t think they do the pretty ones anymore. Maybe a different chef.

They had adorable cookbooks on sale next to the pastries too.

Oh, it’s not just cookbooks. Jones sells lots of products here. When I say lots, I mean lots. I always walk around the store before or after I eat and I want to buy everything. I’d walk around whilst waiting for my food, but the service is so quick here that I don’t really have time!

After having to convince myself that I’m not here long enough to actually need anything, I sulked back to my table and Dad and I ordered our freshly squeezed orange juices.

Thank god we both are on a health kick. We ordered two meals to share as we couldn’t decide what we wanted. Like father, like daughter. Our first pick was the fruit salad with yogurt. The fruit was good but I wasn’t too much of a fan of the yogurt – probably because I only really like Greek yogurt. Dad enjoyed it though and covered it over his half of the fruit.

Our second choice was scrambled eggs. You can choose how you want your eggs done and it comes with toast, but you have to pick your sides separately. We got smoked salmon, avocado and mushrooms. Everything was delicious, but the mushrooms especially were insanely good. Best best best mushrooms I think I’ve ever had.

Laters, bread. Buh-bye.

Ming and Mum finally arrived.

Mum ordered the same but without mushrooms.

Big mistake, Mama Bridges.

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