Cupcakes at Georgetown Cupcake, Washington DC

So, the sugar detox didn’t last long.
Franks and I had a little road trip to Washington. The plan was to hit up the shopping mall (Victoria’s Secret and Bebe were top of my list), Georgetown Cupcakes and then visit historical monuments like little tourists. Which I definitely was, especially with my camera hanging around my neck like a true Asian visitor. 

I took a cheeky selfie to show my excitement.

I don’t know if I’d ever queue this long for cupcakes. I’d take it as a sign from God that I shouldn’t have any and just let it go. But oh no, these people were determined. I imagine this is what drug addicts are like waiting to get their hit.
Thank goodness Frankie said to preorder them online the day before, so I got to skip the queue and pick them up. They even had a door bitch. For a cupcake shop. Shit’s getting real.

The cupcakes are undoubtedly beautiful.

It was like cupcake paradise in there.

Look at everyone. They’re going mad waiting. These cupcakes must be crazy.

They have standard flavours they do everyday, as well as special flavours that they only do on individual days of the week, and special flavours that they only do in different months.

Okay, if you have merchandise then you know they mean business.

After they’d gotten my cupcakes I grabbed the bag and escaped from the crowds.

So sweet of them to put the gluten free cupcake in a separate box for extra caution.

Okay, appreciate this parking. We drove past the spot 3 times claiming it was too small, but when there were NO spaces apart from those we deemed to far to walk from, we took a chance. Little ruby did us proud.

We were starving at this point as it was around 5pm and we hadn’t eaten lunch. Although that didn’t stop us from taking the mandatory tourist pictures.

After our little photo-shoot in the extreme humidity, we sat on the steps outside to admire the beautiful landmarks of Washington DC. And we got down to business.

The heat melted the icing off the cakes a little.

Frankie’s first pick was the blueberry cheesecake. She said it was amazing. It even had the classic graham cracker crust, which is my favourite part of a cheesecake. However she was expecting more of a cupcake instead of an actual cheesecake.

Picking out the cupcakes the day before was difficult, I’ll be honest. I limited myself to 3 so I wasn’t too much of a piggy, but that meant eliminating so many incredible candidates. My first pick was the undoubtedly going to be the Chocolate Sundae. On the website it had a marachino cherry on top. I don’t like marachino cherries so I was happy I didn’t have to waste it. But the selfish part of me was a little disappointed..

Holy mama. That was one good cupcake. Can you see the caramel oozing out? All this hype was so accurate. I now fully understand the emotions behind each person waiting in line. I would totally do the same. Oh god I’ve become one of them.

Frankie and I also both got the Peanut Butter Fudge cupcake.


I don’t even need to go into detail about how amazing it was. Peanut butter and chocolate made sweet love and impregnated the cupcake with a fudge baby. Which I then devoured.
Alec’s only gluten-free option was the Strawberry Lava Fudge.


My final choice was the red velvet cupcake as it’s their signature cupcake, so I thought I couldn’t go wrong.

It was, of course, delicious. I should have eaten it first instead of last, though. I enjoyed the other two more, probably because they had gooey centers, and I absolutely adore caramel and peanut butter, whereas I do love red velvet, but not as much as the others. Or maybe I just think I like red velvet more than I actually do in reality. Or maybe I’m being harsh comparing it to the one at Hummingbird Bakery. Regardless, the thought of putting it back in the box and saving it later lasted approximately 0.4 seconds.

Ha. Sugar detox. Why do I bother? I may as well wait until my America trip is over.

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