Dinner at Boylan Heights, Virginia

Frankie told me about Boylan Heights a few weeks ago, and I’ve been dying to go ever since. The night finally came and I couldn’t have been more excited (I get excited far too easily). Boylan is mainly a burger place. I won’t spoil the surprise just yet about why it was so special – just keep on reading, lazy. It’s clearly a regular place for university students, which funnily enough suited it’s school-themed decor. 

How good do the descriptions sound? Both the turkey burger and veggie burger became definite options.

You could order food off the menu, but that’s no fun…

The multi-choice slips are the novelty of the restaurant.

You fill it out and create your absolute perfect burger. That’s right. I think I’ve died and gone to burger heaven.

Burger in a bowl is the best option I have ever seen. Seeya later, bread!

Creating the perfect combination was tough. I felt like it required as much thought as an actual multi-choice exam would. There were just so many options to choose from, I didn’t know which route to take.

I think I was the only person to fill out my name. I was always a good girl.

The waitress came and collected our slips like a teacher collecting our multi-choice exams.

Alec went crazy and ordered so many toppings, as men do. He opted for a turkey burger in a bowl with beefsteak tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, grilled vidalia onions, sautéed spinach, hard boiled eggs, thick cut bacon, Virginia ham and goats cheese. He topped it off with Boylan sauce, ketchup and mayo.

It came with french fries, which were curly fries.

Frankie went for a chicken burger in a bowl with cheddar, bibb lettuce, spinach, avocado and Virginia ham, with Boylan sauce, ketchup and mayo on top.

Frankie and I shared French Fries with cheese, bacon and chilli. It was so good but she said she preferred it with just cheese and bacon. I reckon the cheese and bacon option would be better, and the chilli option would be better, instead of the two combined. I say that like we didn’t absolutely destroy it, which we did.

Mine was a masterpiece. It was so ridiculously good, I feel like if I went back to order another combination I don’t know how it would manage to compete. I ordered a turkey burger in a bowl with goats cheese, sautéed mushrooms, grilled vidalia onions and sautéed spinach, topped off with pesto and honey mustard. Whenever I make turkey burgers myself they are always pretty dry, so I didn’t really know what to expect. Oh, hello juicy deliciousness of a turkey burger. It was moist and absolutely incredible. Lean meat has never tasted so good.

I also got a side of sweet potato fries. Never has a meal been so perfect.

Everyone absolutely devoured their meal. Obviously. They had tailored their meal to perfection – what was not to enjoy about it?

I think I’d try the veggie burger if I went back. Maybe with some avocado. And tomatoes. And maybe a fried egg. Oh god I need to go back here.

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