Dinner at Chopsuey Café, Singapore

Chopsuey is the child of PS Café, one of my go-to restaurants in Singapore. PS Café serves western food, whereas chopsuey is their Chinese creation, although it’s very much east meets west, as it has a modern, western twist.

The building is like a black and white bungalow, which you’d only know if you’re from Singapore.

Their outside seating is lovely but I wanted to avoid the mosquitos so we opted for inside.

Their bar is beautiful!

There are stools by each chair for your bag. So adorable.

All their cocktails looked delicious. Chopsuey Mai Tai, Shanghai Shangria, Hot Lychee Martini…. I couldn’t decide.

.. So I went for a green tea. I need to cut down on my alcohol/sugar intake and not drink when it’s not necessary. It’s hard when I have an uncontrollable love for cocktails.

We also got warm water for the table instead of cold. I find that people in the UK never drink warm water and find it really strange, whereas it’s absolutely normal in Asia.

Assorted pots of different chilli sauce arrived at the table, and we all picked our own favourite. I went for the least spicy, white girl option. Mum, my Aunt and Uncle all opted for the chilli that they’d had when they were growing up.

Once again, I picked all the food. I sound like I’m really bossy because this keeps happening, but everyone asked me to!
Feeling a little adventurous, I just flicked through the menu and blabbed out any interesting looking dishes. The first to come was the San Choy Pau (aka. DIY Lettuce Cups). The filling was minced chicken and pork, sweet corn, Chinese mushrooms, tofu, beansporuts and sugar snaps in dark sticky sauce.

It was a little spicy, but not enough to stop me.

The sticky crunchy baby squid was insanely good. Anything with peanuts is a winner in my eyes.

I ordered steamed dim sum, which I ended up having to myself. I did offer to share but everyone knew I wasn’t having rice later so they wanted to fatten me up with this.

It wasn’t a typical selection of dim sum – there were interesting, fancy combinations that I’d never had before:
1. White Skin Siew Mai
2. Prawn and Spinach Dumpling
3. Scallop, Crab & Scallion Dumpling
4.Wolfberry Leaf & Chicken Dumpling
5. Pumpkin & Cod Dumpling

The pumpkin and cod dumpling was by far the coolest as it was cod surrounded by pumpkin purée and disguised as a pumpkin.

All of them were good, but not the best dim sum I’ve ever had. I think it was too modernised for me, I like the good, local, old-school dim sum.
The chicken and tofu satay was my favourite. It came with a peanut sauce topped with mango which was delicious.

We also ordered 2 lobster dumpling soups to share amongst the 4 of us. The dumpling was filled with lobster (obviously), mushroom and edamame. The broth was so good.

For our mains to share, my Aunt and Uncle got the Five Spice Lamb Ribs. Mum ordered the Jade Fried Rice for all of them as well. I picked the Lasagna of Snapper and Tofu and steamed vegetables, which is what I stuck to like a good girl.

The ribs were lovely but a little salty on their own, so it was good to have them with the rice to balance it out. The rice was stir-fried with egg and chopped spinach, basil and mint, although Mum said it had an olive taste. The pine nuts on top apparently made it delicious.

We got da bao (takeaway) for the rice and the ribs we didn’t finish. How cute are the little takeaway containers? Typical westernised image of Chinese food.

We also got given fortune cookies, which again is a westernised Chinese novelty. America invented the fortune cookie – proper Chinese restaurants don’t have them. I still think they’re so much fun. And delicious. Once I bought a whole bag just as snacks. My fortunes inside soon became pretty invalid.

My uncle’s fortune was lottery numbers, which we thought was hilarious.

This was mine:

That settles it. My fortune cookie doesn’t want me to eat complex carbs either.

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  1. July 23, 2013 / 8:53 am

    The food you posted and how you described it , well and incredible.I love seeing your blog and I love to eat ! but it is really hard to maintain a nice physique haha

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