Dinner at Cut, Singapore

Papa Bridges was very happy that his little princess (me) is becoming a budding businesswoman and managed to somehow get a 2:1 in her first year of uni. As a little treat he took us to a steakhouse that we’d all been meaning to try – Cut by Wolfgang Puck.

The place isn’t particularly large, so we were lead a short distance through the bustling and buzzy restaurant to our table.

Cut is full of quirky pictures of famous icons hung on the walls and on the backs of our menus.

We were given breadsticks (which I avoided) as well as cheesy bread balls (I had one). I just can’t say no to them, but they were tiny and so worth it.

A waiter wheeled over cuts of beef to explain each of them to us, but I was more focused on getting a good shot to pay too much attention. I also already knew I was going to order chicken. Yes, I realise I’m at a steakhouse; I bow my head in shame a little. Hey, at least I didn’t order the fish.
All of the steaks are impressively grilled over hard wood and charcoal then finished under a 1200 degree broiler. HA you thought I’d remembered that, didn’t you? They wrote it on the menu.

I did have cocktails tonight though! You can’t not have a cocktail at a celebration. Unfortunately I find things to celebrate too often. Mum got the Rough Love which was recommended. It was gin based with champagne, Tanqueray no. Ten and Yatagarasu Shiso Ume. It was presented beautifully with a raspberry sat on top of a block of ice.

I ordered the vodka cocktail that was recommended – Show Me Love. It was Belvedere, St. Germain, lychee and lime. Mum’s was good but I preferred mine. I love a good lychee cocktail.

The bread eventually was offered to our table. As beautiful as the selection was, we all turned it away. I’m so happy my family are all on the same page.

We are also on the same page for red wine. And you have to go with red at a steakhouse.

How beautiful is the decanter?

It was a Californian wine. It was good, although I’m not particularly a fan of American reds. In my opinion it was enjoyable but not worth the price tag that it came with.
Our shared starters came. The American Blue Crab and Shrimp “Louis” was by far my favourite. It wasn’t overly creamy and was full of flavour.

The asparagus was good, but nothing incredible. Probably because I just had the asparagus with the poached egg and avoided the bacon and toast that came with it.

The Scallop “Carpaccio” was good too. Dad really enjoyed it, but I prefer cooked scallops. It was a nice change though.

The waiter came and showed me my baby chicken before he cut it up. Holy mama, was that all for me? Protein here I come. Challenge accepted.

A short wait later, the waiter was serving it piece by piece onto my plate amongst a delicious sauce and mushrooms.

It was an incredible chicken cooked to perfection. I really dislike dry chicken, and often enough there will be at least one part of the chicken thats dry. Not this time!

The parents shared this bad boy. It was the Porterhouse 990g of Australian Angus, 300+ days grain fed from Rangers Valley, aged 35 days.

The ordered horseradish with it, which was the creamy American stuff, not the typical English horseradish.

Ming ordered the 170g Filet Mignon of American Wagyu/Angus Beef from Snake River Farms in Idaho and a side of steamed broccoli (not on the menu, she kindly requested if they could do it). Medium rare is how we ideally like our steak, and Ming had to turn to me to confirm this before she ordered. She can never remember how she likes her steak done. Once she phoned me from Singapore whilst I was in England to ask. However, Ming said it was the best steak she’d had in a long time. It was different to Mum and Dad’s steak – Theirs was deliciously chunky whereas Ming’s was more marble and full of flavour.

The rest of us picked out 3 sides to share: Sautéed Broccolini, Caramelised White Corn and Wild Field Mushrooms. The broccolini was very very nice.

The mushrooms were also very good, but my chicken already had came with some so I didn’t go for any at first. Obviously once I’d finished my given portion I dug in for more.

The corn was absolutely delicious. It was mixed with young onions. I highly recommend it if anyone planning on going. I’m probably going to dream about it tonight.

Oh, please. You’re no match for me, baby chicken. Surprise, surprise. Although I did have to loosen the knot of my playsuit a little bit. We’ve all been there.

I’m not going to lie to you, I was a little tipsy by the end of the meal. I hadn’t drunk in a while, okay? I’d like to say it was pardyyy time afterwards, but instead I’m sat here writing this. And I’m probably going to drunk snapchat some people. It’s going to be a wild night, people.

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