Dinner at The Flat, Virginia

Not the most conventional dinner, but definitely one of my favourites this trip. Frankie, Alec and I headed down to The Flat so I could experience what they claimed to be the best crêpes ever.

It’s a little stall along the road, so it’s not really a restaurant. Perfect for a quick meal to take-away, or they have a little seating so you can sit in the sun.

I thought it was the most charming place. How cute is their menu? They change it up quite frequently.

Alec ordered a Return of the King, which sounded amazing.

Frankie ordered the same but asked for brie instead of feta. Avocado and brie… girl she knows what’s good. I had a bite whilst waiting for mine to be made and it was insanely good. I also may or may not have finished the rest for her when she couldn’t finish and offered it to me. I would’ve said no to the unnecessary calories but it was just too good to resist.

I got The Awesome, but swapped the ham for chicken (holla lean meat), which they then kindly knocked 50 cents off the price. I gave it to them in tips instead because they were so nice. Good karma, come at me!

It was absolutely delicious. One of those things that you try really hard to eat slow to savour it but it just doesn’t happen, and instead you wolf down. I don’t think I’ve tried enough crêpes to say it was the best ever, but it was 100% one of the best I’ve ever had.

As I munched away, I admired the other menu options on the wall, picking which I’d have if we were to come back. I instantly spotted this beauty….

Frankie then informed me that she’d had a white chocolate crêpe with strawberries and cinnamon here once before, named My Sweet Valentine as a Valentines Day special. As she told me about how incredible it was, I sulked that I was so full and couldn’t fit another one in. I’ve been (depressingly) dreaming about it ever since.

On a side-note, didn’t take any pictures of the place but there’s a coffee shop called Mudhouse nearby… Best iced vanilla soy latte of my life. Yes I realise how pretentious that sounds. Haters gonna hate.

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