Dinner at Gosto, Macau

Our final night at Macau had arrived. Our little weekend away had gone by so quickly! By now I had fallen in love with Macau. I didn’t really know much about it and didn’t really know what to expect – but it’s somewhere I am one hundred percent planning to come back to. And soon.
Tonight we had an early dinner at the hotel as we had tickets to a show that was highly recommended by Calvin and Kara.

The waitress’ outfits were so cute! I liked this place already.

We had our own private room for dinner which was absolutely lovely – I strutted in like a boss.

Jordan sarcastically said I should take a picture of the butter since I was snapping away. He then looked down and his remark became half-serious as we realised the butter actually looked quite cool.

As always, Dad’s priority came. At least he had some other male figures around him to join him this time.

I was always a bit of a tomboy when I was younger to compensate for my Dad not having a boy. I still am a bit of a boy, but unfortunately as hard as I tried, I could never be a real beer girl. I opted for a standard glass of red. It was a Portuguese wine which I actually really enjoyed.

I especially enjoyed the  foxy label.

Our starters came, which was a mix of different croquettes. I’m not a huge fried food fan, but I thought it was my duty to try them all anyway.
The prawn one was my favourite.

This was more my kinda dish. It was a cod salad, and it was tossed with a heap of chickpeas. It was so good and after I’d offered it around the table I sneakily scooped the rest onto my plate. The menu had a whole page dedicated to cod recipes so I figured that was their speciality.

The clams were good. But clams are clams unless they are in a ridiculously good sauce.

For mains, Ming went for the steamed cod as it looked a healthy cod option, especially next to the cod with mashed potato and cheese (which I was very tempted by). It usually comes with potatoes but she asked for none. She said it was good but it was quite tough – more like a steak than the tender piece of cod that she was expecting.

Darren got the chicken.

Calvin and Kara shared spaghetti, chicken and chips. This looks like the greatest idea ever. I hope my marriage is like this.

Jiajia got the ribs, which looked sticky and delicious. I had to take a close up. You know you wanted me to.

Mum kindly shared the Seafood Cataplana with me. This is the second night in a row I’ve eaten really similar dishes, but who doesn’t like seafood? It’s usually the option with least carbs and that isn’t a flimsy salad.

The fun had only just begun.

After dinner, we went on to watch the most incredible show I’d ever seen. It was called The House of Dancing Water. I’d never seen a show like it before – there’s no other way to describe it than as a must-see performance. I won’t go into any detail as I had no idea what to expect at all when I went in, which made it so much better. When my parents went to Vegas once they raved about all the shows they went to, so I’m guessing it’s the same type of show as here in Macau. Damn I need to hit up Vegas.

Calvin and Kara were absolute angels the entire weekend. Thank you so much guys!

After the show, Ming and I had a raging sweet-tooth as we ate dinner so early. We strolled around the hotel until we were stopped by Häagan-Dazs. I find all of their flavours vary depending on which country you’re in, and in Macau they had amazing ones such as Passionfruit Cheesecake, as well as the classics like Belgian Chocolate. Flicking through the menu, we stumbled across a dessert that let us choose 9 different scoops, therefore letting us try all of the ones that we were interested in. Ming and I picked a flavour each one by one until all 9 were chosen.

Ice-cream and some sister bonding. What an adorable end to our little family weekend away.

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