Dinner at Ku Dé Ta, Singapore

If you’ve never been to Singapore, put this restaurant on your list of places to go. The views are absolutely phenomenal, as well as the food and the ambience. We headed to the Marina Bay Sans and went up. Up high.

How beautiful is this?

We sat outside so we got to stare at it the whole evening.

The lighting is pretty dark so they attached cute lights to our menus so we were able to read.

Dad and Ashley got their manly beers and Mama Bridges went for a glass of bubbles.

Ming and I were health angels and ordered green teas.

But then the red came out…

My self-control is practically non-existent.

Once again, I was left to order for the table. Ku Dé Ta serves food in a tapas way – you order a few dishes to share instead of individual meals, which is my family’s favourite thing to do anyway.
All the food is amazing. We started with Salmon Sashimi and Seared Black Angus Beef Tataki.

Next arrived the Pork Belly Lollipop, which was absolutely delicious. The tender meat basically slid off the stick.

The Seared Yellowfin Tuna Steak was so nice and the Crispy-Sticky Baby Squid was especially good.

Next came the greatest beef ever. They do two different steaks on the menu, but the 150 day grain fed beef tenderloin is so worth the extra money.

I also ordered Baby Chicken Teriyaki, which you can’t go wrong with, so I could stick with lean meat. However, the beef was actually impossible to resist. What was worse is I forgot that one order came with two steaks so I ordered two plates, so I had to eat it so it wouldn’t go to waste. I was basically force-fed. Feel sorry for me.

The Roasted Black Cod is also a must. We order it every time we come. That’s a lie – we order two every time.

The scallops were really yummy, but sadly over-shadowed by the cod and the beef.

Both sides were AMAZING. Best best best Shiitake Mushrooms. The Wok-Charred Baby Kai Lan with Truffle’d Silver Fish was also soooo gooddddd. How can anyone get this excited about fungi and greens?!

I highly recommend dinner, however if you aren’t up for a meal, the bar and the club there are well worth your time. Or you could be a man and hit up all three.

Don’t pretend you wouldn’t take identical pictures if you were here. I’m not judging.

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