Dinner at Sophie's, London

Sophie’s is always a kind of hit-and-miss when I go there. Fortunately, I had a really good meal there last night. We went pretty early so we could get a table as none of us were organised enough to book anything.

Couldn’t get this one to smile.

No one was too hungry, probably because we were eating so early (6.30pm) so we only ordered a few starters to share. The scallops were okay – good, but not the best i’ve had. I liked the avocado and bacon with it though, always a good combo (especially on burgers).

I really enjoyed the mushroom and goats cheese salad on brioche, mostly because I’m a sucker for goats cheese and mushroom together.

The calamari (a family favourite) was also good – standard calamari.

This was the highlight of the evening though – my main course. I ordered the tuna steak, cooked to medium, and it was absolutely gorgeous. It was cooked perfectly and complemented with avocado, tomato and onion salad, which went so well with it. I’m a pretty speedy eater, and tried so hard to slow down to savour it but I just couldn’t…

Unfortunately I was enjoying my meal far too much to pay much attention to anyone else’s. I think the general consensus was that they were all good though, I didn’t hear any complains amongst my (and everyone else’s) chewing. The ribs were especially good apparently, which I guess makes sense considering Sophie’s is a steakhouse.

Licked clean.

There were also fries.

Lots of fries.

Obviously I didn’t have any. I’m hitting America in a few days and sacrifices must be made.
Or at least that’s what I thought until I looked at the dessert menu. You need to ask what flavours of ice-cream they have, and when I did I heard the word ‘Snickers’ amongst other irrelevant ones… I got so excited until the waitress came back and told me they’d run out and it was now… Chocolate Orange. Bleh. I was devastated and had to sink my sorrows into the White Chocolate Mousse with raspberries.

It was average. Not at all good enough to melt my stone-cold heart.
Bella’s chocolate milkshake, on the other hand, was delicious. I could taste that it was made using Häagan-Dazs Belgian Chocolate Ice-Cream (yes, I am that familiar with the taste) which is my absolute favourite. It was beautifully presented too. I would’ve ordered the same but I usually try to avoid milkshakes because they put so much ice-cream in it, unless I’m sharing it. Or it’s a bad day. Or a good day. Or it’s peanut butter.

Damn you, Snicker’s ice-cream. I’d like to say I was over it. I’m not.

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