Glastonbury (+ Food Stalls!)

Glastonbury was amazing.

Not only was there amazing bands playing, great food stalls and an incredible atmosphere, it was the fact that I actually went with my family and got to spend time with them.

Oh, and the fact that we were glamping. I’m not even ashamed – I got to sleep here for the weekend instead of knee-deep in mud whilst crying over dirty toilets.

And I got to eat here everyday!

Okay, that’s a lie. Ming and I absolutely love festival food so we ventured out and ate there instead, unlike Mum and Dad who relished the comforts of festival glamping (to be fair, who wouldn’t?). However, we had breakfast here every morning which was a lovely start to the day.

Festival life has never been so good!

Enough about that – I thought I’d write a post on my favourite food stalls in Glastonbury. We tried lots of different stalls, obviously staying away from those too fatty and just admiring them from a distance. This post is therefore a collection of stalls that I would recommend from first-hand experience, as well as stalls that I know received a lot of praise and attention. Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Cream Teas

Cream teas had the most adorable stall. It’s exactly what you think it is – tea, scones and cakes. We didn’t try here but it was extremely busy and the concept of it was really cute to have in a festival.

2. Soup-A-Juice

Now, we definitely tried out this place. Juice is right up our street. They had a really good, innovative selection of fresh juices. They even did wheatgrass shots, which they grind up right in front of you. They also did soups and organic muesli, which looked so good.

3. Shepherds

Shepherds make ice-cream using sheep’s milk. If that didn’t intrigue me enough to make me want to try it, their list of sundaes definitely did. Ming and I spent about 15 minutes reading the menu. I decided I would get the ‘Sticky Fingers’ which was sticky toffee cake, vanilla and banoffee ice-cream, hot salt-caramel sauce and honeycomb pieces. Ming decided she would get the ‘Humbug’ – Mint chocolate chip ice-cream, hot chocolate sauce and mini eggs. We genuinely planned to get them but I don’t think our brains were mentally prepared to take on that amount of sugar at the time, so we sadly walked away.

HOWEVER the next day, a peanut butter and chocolate flavour popped up, and obviously I had to have it!

4. Layla’s Loaves

This was located in the farmers market at Glastonbury, and had an amazing sprawl of cakes and breads.

At first I just stared in admiration of the goodies, until I saw the most delicious, beautiful, master-piece of all breads. It was filled and topped with cheese and pesto. I tried to resist the mix of white complex carbs and heavy dairy but my hand was reaching into my bag and pulling out money and handing it across the bar and I had no idea what was happening. The next thing I know I’m munching away in pure bliss with a slab of bread with cheese and pesto oozing out. And also holding a chocolate milk.

5. Anna Mae’s Mac ‘N’ Cheese

After the cheesy bread, I don’t think I was mentally ready to handle that mix of white carb slathered with cheese on the same day. But man, did this tempt me. How good does this menu look?! I’d definitely go for ‘The Kanye Western’. The fact that it was cooked in a massive pan only excited me even more.

6. I <3 Ostrich

I absolutely love ostrich burgers. A super healthy, low calorie and fat meat in a burger form?! Yes, please. I first had a burger from here at Reading Festival a few years ago and I’ve been a fan ever since.

Check out the stats.

7. Yeo Valley

I’m pretty sure they were sponsoring the festival (just a guess), but I could be wrong, I could only assume since I saw virtually everybody carrying around Yeo Valley bags, although where was mine?? Anyway, their stall was great. They served organic yogurt and ice-cream. Under ice-cream was vanilla ice-cream, strawberry frozen yogurt and Greek-style yogurt and honey. I went for the latter. Twice. I wasn’t even that hungry, but it was so good on a hot day. And the fact that a yogurt was a pound and the frozen stuff was two pounds, which was cheap as chips at Glastonbury. Actually, it was probably cheaper than the chips here.

8. Tiny Tea Tent

Ming and I came here everyday. Okay, granted one of the times we came was to hide from the rain, but it was the long list of teas they did which was what attracted us. We both love green tea, and you could get either mint, ginger or lemon freshly put in the mug with it. You had to pay a deposit of 1 pound for the mug, just so they know you’re not going to run off with it. It was pretty much always jam-packed.

9. Oli’s Famous Halloumi Cones

This is one of the stalls I kept planning on trying. It was right by the Pyramid Stage, which was the main stage, so it only made sense that at one point I’d eat from here. It looked so good – to top off the cone, you could choose between halloumi, deep fried smoked tofu and chilled greek salad. Sadly, it just wasn’t meant to be. There was always the biggest queue for this stall.

10. Fresh Rootz

There’s something I love about vegetarian and vegan food. I’m clearly a massive carnivore, but I adore the way veggie and vegan food use so many spices and ways to get food to compliment each other to enhance the flavours that are deprived by the lack of meat. I’ll be honest, this stall didn’t look like anything special, but I was starving and the fact that it was a winner at the GoodFood Show 2013 was what attracted me.

I never thought vegan food could taste so good! I had the spinach, pepper and wild mushroom fritters on a citrus salad, topped with peanuts, chilli sauce and mint yogurt, which she cautiously warned me wasn’t vegan before she put any on and asked if I still wanted some. I said I wanted it anyway. I felt like a vegan gone wild.

11. The Kofta Bar

I was originally planning on doing a ‘Top Ten Food Stalls’, but there were way too many to pick from, and, well, the more the merrier in my eyes.
I love sharing food (as you probably already know) because I get to try a bit of everything. I get bored quite quickly of a meal if it’s a massive portion of the same thing, unless it’s crazy delicious. The Kofta Bar was perfect for me as it had tapas lunch boxes where you could pick up to 4 items to make your own little salad.

It doesn’t look pretty but boy was it good.

12. Carlito Burrito

I’ll admit, I was fully prepared to ignore the calories here and get a burrito. 
1) The menu looked amazing. 
2) I (creepily) peaked over at some people’s burritos and they looked incredible.
3) The line was always so long. Everyone wanted a piece of Carlito.
That was the only problem. I’m impatient and didn’t want to wait. My body will probably thank me but I’m still sulking over it. I will find you again one day, Carlito Burrito, just you wait.

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