Green Machine Juice

There’s no better way to start your day than with a big, fat, green juice. It’s packed with nutrients, vitamins and healthy goodness. The fact that it’s liquid means you won’t bloat as much. Your body absorbs more nutrients from fruit and veg when they are in liquid form. A juice will fill you up so it can be considered an entire meal if you’re not a big breakfast person. You can have them on the go. IT’S THE PERFECT BREAKFAST WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT?
First of all, find a green juice recipe that you want to follow, or create your own by throwing whatever you have in the blender (or actually plan one out and go to the supermarket). We used one of Jason Vale’s recipes but adapted it a little to fit our own preferences. For us, this required 2 apples, a stick of celery, pineapple, spinach, ginger, some cucumber and a quarter of an avocado.

Prepare your ingredients.

If you’re following this recipe, pop everything in the juicer (oh yeah, forgot to mention – you’ll need a juicer) apart from the avocado. Juice away!

Put the juice in a blender (yep, you’ll also need a blender), along with the avocado.

Add a couple of hand-fulls of ice.

Blend it, baby!

AND YOU’RE DONE! Enjoy your delicious juice and be proud and smug in how healthy you are being.

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