Healthy Ice Lollies

The heat this past weekend in England has been insane. I heard on the radio that it’s even hotter than Barbados at the moment. If right now you’re experiencing weather a little like this….

.. Then like me, you will be in need of something ice-cold and refreshing. Pimm’s or gelato can easily do the trick, but if, like me, you’re constantly facing a battle with yourself to be healthier, you can try out these healthy ice lollies. I think I got the idea of these somewhere on Instagram, so I thought I’d give it a go and document my little culinary experience.
All you need are these:

Firstly, get out your ice lolly maker, or go and buy one if you don’t have one already. I bought these little ones in Walmart whilst I was in the USA, but you can go for ones of any size and shape. If you don’t know where to get them, look online.

Next step is to pick fruit of your choice. I went with berries because… I like berries.

Fill up your ice lolly moulds with the fruit.

Now for the Chia seeds! You don’t necessarily need these, but I got them to add a little bit of health.

Put as much as you like in. I didn’t add too much so it wouldn’t hugely affect the taste.

It got a teeny bit messy but let’s ignore that.

Finally, get your coconut water and fill up the moulds. However, you can use any form of liquid – fruit juices will work too, but be sure to pick a juice that compliments your choice of fruit.

Now, whack the tops on the moulds and place them in your freezer for a few hours or overnight. The amount of time it takes to freeze depends on how big your moulds are. Since mine were so small, it was done in more-or-less a couple of hours.

Rinse the sides of the mould under hot water to loosen the edges so it slides out cleanly.

VoilĂ !

Now take your ice lolly outside whilst you soak up some Vitamin D and work on looking like a Brazilian goddess.

My ice-lolly was perfect for the weather. However, if you’re not used to ice lollies without all the sugar, it probably won’t taste like those you’re used to, which is how I felt. If I were to make another batch I’d probably use fresh fruit juice instead of coconut to get that extra bit of natural sugars in it, but each to their own! It’s the world’s easiest recipe, therefore everyone can adapt it to fit their own tastes and preferences.

Enjoy the heat, you lucky sun-kissed babes.

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