Lunch at The Marmalade Pantry, Singapore

There are a couple of Marmalade Pantries in Singapore – one is a proper restaurant, and one (this one) is located in the ion shopping centre, surrounded by designer shops. It’s one of my favourite places because of their gorgeous menu. It’s one of those places where you can’t have a favourite because you need to try something new every time so you can experience it all. 
I realise I’ve been posting very white-girl restaurants in Singapore instead of local favourites, but that requires laksa, chicken rice, roti prata, char kuey teow… aka carbs carbs carbs. I’ll try my best, but my body is still in recovery from America. America hit me bad. 

I was meeting Chloe for lunch, but I thought I’d come a little bit early because there’s usually a queue, especially at lunch. Thankfully I was seating straight away.

Their menu is ridiculous. There’s everything you could want in one restaurant. I highly recommend you check it out online. I wanted to get my usual juice but I didn’t know which to go for. I ignored the shakes. Leave me alone, cookies & cream shake.

The decision was too hard so I went for a green tea instead, even though there were 3 different green teas to choose from.

Whilst waiting, I dangerously went to check out their spread of cupcakes….

Someone had ordered cupcakes to takeaway.

Lucky bastards.

Even once I’d sat back down, this was staring me in the face.

Thankfully Chloe arrived to distract me. I haven’t seen this gorgeous girl in so long!

She ordered a Summer Smoothie, which was a mix of strawberries and banana.

We chatted away exchanging stories about our Summers so far and each other’s antics at University. Our food came pretty swiftly, which was a surprise considering how busy it was. Chloe ordered a carbonara, which was topped with a poached egg.

IT LOOKED DELICIOUS. But it’s carbonara for a reason. NO BIANCA. I took a close-up so you can all congratulate my self-control.

I was a good girl and got a salad. Oh, but not just any salad. My favourite Crab Caesar Salad. The Marmalade Pantry has a list of amazing salads – never once have I ordered a bland one. I got the dressing on the side as caesar dressing is extremely calorific… And I may or may not have avoided the croutons and the parmesan. Ugh I know I’m being annoying and excessively cautious but there’s a pool party in Macau this weekend and I have to stand next to this chick who’s on the cover of Shape magazine Singapore. Feel sorry for me.

Oooh sauceless/cheeseless/croutonless salad… My body was riveting with satisfaction. Actually that’s a bit mean, their crab caesar is delicious, although it’s 10 times better with the dressing. This pool party better be worth it. Abs, come back soon please. I miss you.

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  1. July 23, 2013 / 8:46 am

    You are like posting about food all the time,yet you are still slim. How nice I have the body like you. Well, I guess you burned all the calories after a delicious meal.Hard time right?
    Girl,Please show me how you workout and what exercise you do…I'm desperated to know .

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