Lunch at PS Café, Singapore

I went to the gym this morning with Ming. Worst. Idea. Ever. I’m happy with how I look. But not going to lie, even if I was any size at all, working out with my thin-as-a-pin sister makes me feel like shit. Actually, maybe working out with her is a good idea as it makes me move my ass even more. Anyway, I planned to go and blog about 5 Star Hainanese Chicken Rice on River Valley Road to review the debatably best chicken rice in Singapore. However, no way in hell was that going to happen now. As delicious as it is, it’s crazy high in fat and calories. 
I marched down to P.S Café instead straight after the gym. If you eat immediately after you work-out then your food stores as muscle. Gogogo.

P.S Café are known for their great cakes. I was greeted with them as soon as I walked in.

I quickly ran to my seat.

There are a few PS Cafés scattered around Singapore, but this one in Dempsey is the prettiest in my opinion. It has a lot of natural light, which I love.

I was drooling over the board of cocktails. I love an inventive cocktail list. At least I was with the family (aka under the watchful eye of my Asian Mama) which tempted me less.

Instead I focused over the menu and their specials of the day, which was beautifully written out on the walls.

I was also forced to ignore this board. At least we weren’t sat at this table right in front of it.

I love how they laid out their teas as well. I think if I had a restaurant, I’d want it to look a bit like this.

Mum and Dad ordered their favourite lime and mint sodas.

Ming and I went for our typical green teas.

PS Café do the best truffle fries. No no no no no no I’d forgotten all about them.

At least the description of their special, the Crispy Prosciutto and Grilled Peach Salad, looked delicious enough to distract me. It was just as good as it sounded. It was accompanied with olives, pine nuts, asparagus and mozzarella (which I avoided as much as I could).

Dressing on the side, of course.

Ming ordered the Chargrilled Portobello Salad. With dressing on the side.

She said it was tasty, but nothing spectacular.

Mama Bridges went with the healthy theme and got the Roasted Vegetable Quiche, which was also a special. She kindly let me try a little (in exchange for some prosciutto) and it was amazing. She definitely picked the best dish at lunch.

God, we’re all pretty healthy actually. Dad had his heart set on his favourite, the Turkey Cranberry Sandwich, but made a last minute decision to get the Sandwich and Soup combo instead so he could get today’s soup, which was Smoked Salmon Chowder, and sadly the Turkey Cranberry wasn’t an option in the combo. He chose the Smoked Salmon & Cucumber Sandwich to go with it.

We whipped out a notebook for our little family meeting to make plans for our upcoming weeks, but the arrival of our food ceased it pretty quickly. Food first. This is definitely where I get my stupidly quick eating habits from.

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