Teppanyaki at Nadaman, Singapore

For my fellow peers who are uncultured about the Asian world, teppanyaki is a Japanese style of cuisine where a chef will cook on a grill in front of restaurant guests. I absolutely love going – it’s so much fun watching them make the food in front of you, and depending on where you go, they’ll put on a good show. One of our favourites is tucked away in the Shangri-La hotel. 

It’s pretty chilly as the air-con is on due to the heat of them cooking in front of you. They offered Mama Bridges a selection on wraps to use. I was a clever button and brought a jacket. Not my first time.

The priority was ordered straight away for Dad.

I settled for a much healthier green tea.

As did Mama Bridges.

We were given a little cabbage salad to start with before our meal. I didn’t really enjoy it too much, although my parents seemed to.

We ordered a plate of varied sashimi to start with and share amongst ourselves. It was ridiculously fresh and so good.

We were then given an… egg pudding thing? I’m not too sure what it is… It was like a creamy egg pudding with prawn, mushroom and chicken inside. I wasn’t too sure about it but it was actually really yummy. I’m not sure if this is always given as a complimentary starter or if it was because our chef was slightly delayed in cooking our mains.

I got a sneaky snapshot of all our raw food before it was cooked. In the past we’ve always ordered set meals, but we’ve learnt that ordering à la carte is a better idea as we can order everything we actually like, and not too much food, therefore not wasting any. I, once again, was in charge of picking the food, so I picked out squid, prawns, scallops, salmon, steak, tofu, bean sprouts and mushrooms.

Let the show begin. First up was the prawns and squid.

It was covered in a garlic sauce which complemented it beautifully and was insanely good.

Dad went on to order a sake (an alcoholic Japanese drink), and they came with an array of sake cups to let him choose from. He asked me to pick for him.

The chosen one was this little blue number.

The salmon and scallops were next.

It was served with a tomato garlic sauce, which again was delicious. It was also beautifully garnished with cucumber and ginger.

The tofu steak was next, which we’d never had here before. I’m feeling a little crazy.

I used to be actually afraid of tofu a few months ago. Hannah encouraged me to try a tofu steak before at our favourite little sushi place in Bath, and it was so so good. I wasn’t sure if it was just that tofu that was especially good or if I’d somehow become a tofu fan, but luckily enough every bit of tofu I’ve tried ever since, I’ve enjoyed. Tonight was no exception. I had to eat this one with a fork instead of chopsticks though – it was too soft and would split easily. Isn’t she a beauty?

Yeah you want a close-up.

Our chef then mixed the mushrooms and bean sprouts together to serve next to the steak.

The big cooking finale came with cooking the steak…

My favourite part of teppanyaki! The steak was cooked to our medium-rare perfection.

Everything was so good.

Our chef wrote a little thank you out of salt. He was absolutely lovely.

Welcome home, me!

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