Breakfast at Nook House of Pancakes, Singapore

If my last two posts didn’t make you want to come to Singapore, this will one hundred percent seal the deal.

It’s no secret that I love breakfast. Ming, Mum and I drove over to Nook House of Pancakes to treat ourselves for some Mama-Daughter bonding.

How cute is this place?! It has a griddle in the middle of the table!

The menu was great – you can either order actual food or pancake creations that they make, or you could use the DIY menu. You choose a batter (original, banana, pandan, dark chocolate, red velvet and strawberry). You can then select sweet toppings and savouring fixings.

They also had maple syrup and chocolate syrup on the side.

We were far too excited.

We watched their slideshow in awe as we tried to plan what we were going to make.

All 3 of us ordered green teas as a slight (shit) attempt to detox our pancakes, as well as the fact that green tea goes great with pancakes.

We hadn’t eaten yet, so Mum thought it would be fitting to order a full English breakfast.

Ming ordered the red velvet pancake batter and rainbow sprinkles. I went for the dark chocolate batter with caramelised apples and peanut butter. SO EXCITED.

And then the fun began…

Check out my hot chick.

Ming and I persuaded Mum to order the rainbow stack of pancakes as we really wanted to try it. It was a mix of all the flavours, and there were all amazing. My favourite was the pandan and banana.

Cooking has never been so exciting.

It wasn’t only the fact that it was so much fun, they were delicious too. Especially drowned in syrup and smothered in my peanut butter.

I’ll be honest, I probably ate the most of the rainbow pancakes. But who doesn’t love pancakes?! I don’t think we could be friends.

This was Mum’s attempt to make them beautiful for the pictures. What a cuteypie.

The fun continued as we attempted to be creative.

I say ‘attempted’ for a reason.

No wonder my art GCSE teacher banned me from painting.
Mum soon finished off her English and joined in with the fun!

I made one of my favourite things out of another of my favourite things. Never have I seen such a beautiful pancake.

Ming tried to make Hello Kitty.

I made a little Boo bear!

As we ran out of things to draw, things started getting a little silly…

We usually are in and out of a restaurant in under an hour, but we spent absolutely ages here. I would highly recommend a visit, not only because it’s delicious, but it’s hellaaaa fun!


  1. March 29, 2014 / 9:50 am

    love yr photos, love the place… im going there as soon as i can..! 😀

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