Dinner at Marutama Ra-Men, Singapore

If you think you’ve had ramen but haven’t been to Asia, then you haven’t had ramen. Even in Singapore, which isn’t exactly the ramen hot spot, it is delicious and absolutely incomparable to anywhere outside of Asia. I was so happy to finally see some of my cousins after being apart from them since Chinese New Year, and they took me to Marutama Ra-Men, a famous ramen place.

It was so busy that we ordered our food whilst queuing outside.

We got seated swiftly after!

We ordered the dashimaki (omelette) to share.

We also got gyoza, which is dumplings. Oh mama, were they good.

However, the real star of the show was undoubtedly the ramen.

Jecinda and Janice both got the spicy chicken ramen with egg.

Daniel went for the pork belly cha sew with egg

Jason ordered ordinary cha sew ramen

Little me, not able to take anything too spicy, just went for the chicken ramen with an egg.

What a feaaast!

I think my new favourite thing is these garlic flakes. I absolutely drowned my ramen with them.

It was so delicious. I can’t have ramen when I leave Asia as it just won’t be the same. The best part was the fact that you could get a refill for 2 dollars. Money well spent.

From growing up to them, to seeing them only a few times a year, I can’t tell you how nice it was to see them again. Time to get drunk!

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