Dinner at Mori, London

I think I nearly fainted when I found out there was a place that did sushi and froyo. 

I nearly fainted again when I found out that it also did delivery.

The convenience of having both sushi and froyo at the same place is incredible. Hannah and I would probably have gone to get both of them separately otherwise, but not anymore! We both had a pretty long day at work and just couldn’t be bothered to cook. After seeing Mori and looking at what they had to offer (our two favourite things) there was no doubt where we wanted to go. It’s like one mind.

We were in the mood for something light, and Hannah went for salmon and tuna sashimi with edamame beans.

Drats. Exactly what I wanted to order. I starred at the menu for far too long (considering I was starving) debating what would be equally as good since I was too stubborn to get the same thing.

Whilst thinking, I checked out all the snacks they had by the counter. Hello Panda!? It’s like being back in Singapore again! I used to buy Hello Panda in bulk whenever I visited Singapore to bring back to boarding school as it’s so much more expensive in the UK.

Hannah also got a pot of miso soup to go with her light dinner.

You can probably see how jealous I was from the amount of pictures I took of her food.

I eventually decided on the salmon rice paper wrap and a miso soup, as well as a side of tenderstem broccoli which they had to cook in the kitchen.

Shame I have no patience.

My wrap was perfect. It wasn’t overly stuffed with veg like some rice paper wraps I’ve had before which led to not really being able to taste the fish. It also had avocado in it, which made me very happy.

The miso soup was great as well. It had bits of tofu and seaweed in it. God, the excitement of a Monday night.

My broccoli finally arrived after what felt like forever (probably about 5 minutes) as I was trying so hard to eat super slowly so I wouldn’t finish my wrap before it came.

I don’t usually like to eat the sauce or dressings given to me with veg or salad as I always think it’s just unnecessary calories, but the sauce that came with it was unreal. I was happily dipping away.

Their little pot of soy sauce was super cute too.

After our meal, we tried to wait a bit inbetween dinner and our froyo. We sat down for about another 2 minutes trying to make small talk before giving up. Froyo, here we come.

Go away, chocolate goodness, as much as I love you things just aren’t meant to be.

You can either get chocolate or natural froyo at Mori. I obviously went for chocolate. My favourite thing about the froyo here is the fact that they layer the toppings for you, putting a helping of toppings at the bottom of your cup, then your froyo, then more toppings on top. It makes it so much nicer when eating it so you don’t just gobble up your toppings straight away/have to ration them as you eat. I went for strawberries and blueberries to (attempt) to sneak in some extra health points.

Their froyo is also so smooth and creamy, so if, like me, that’s the type you like, then you’ve hit a jackpot here.

Hannah usually goes for natural, but instead got a mix. Usually they intertwine the flavours in the machine together, but she asked for them to be separate and for chocolate to go on the bottom.

Why was hers so much bigger than mine??!

God, this loyalty card doesn’t even stand a chance.

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