FEAST Foodies Festival at Battersea Park, London

One of my favourite things to do in the Summer is (unsurprisingly) to go to food festivals. So when I was asked to work at FEAST in Battersea Park, you didn’t hear much complaining for me. Armed with my camera, my appetite and my best sales chat, I hopped on the bus and headed to battersea. However, I ended up going the wrong direction and the trip took AN HOUR AND A HALF LONGER THAT IT WAS SUPPOSED TO. The worst point was passing by my house an after hour I left. I knew I should have taken a taxi.
After what felt like an eternity on a bus, and power walking miles because the bus dropped me at the OTHER END OF THE PARK and being an hour late, I made it. I was in paradise. 

Food, alcohol, sunshine. It was the perfect day. I was itching to go and explore the whole time I was working. Thankfully, when things quietened down, I had the chance to look around. I therefore decided to dedicate a blog post to my favourite few (okay, many) stands at the festival.

The Deli Jerk Centre was attracting a lot of attention. I suppose the Notting Hill Carnival was right around the corner, people were getting their jerk chicken on. And the fact that jerk chicken is great.

I saw people carrying around these twisted potatoes all over the festival. They looked so cool, like freshly made crisps on a stick.

I also love the novelty of giant pans. You could cook anything in them and it’d still look awesome.

I really enjoy seeing restaurants set up their own stalls. Gaucho BBQ excited me quite a lot, and was also pretty busy. You know their meat is going to be delicious.

Festivals are such a good chance for smaller companies to promote their products. I’m not vegan, but I really enjoy stuff like this. I don’t know if it’s the novelty of it being different, or if I psychologically think it’s for some reason better for me, but I was very tempted to bring a loaf of these bad boys home. Apart from neither Hannah or I would eat it and it would go stale. That’s such a lie, we’d both scoff it down until we feel sick and sabotage ourselves.

One of the most innovative foods I saw was bunnychow. It originated in Africa, and it’s essentially a loaf of bread that is carved out in the middle and filled with stuffing which is essentially meat and sauce.

It looks like this. What a beauty.

I don’t think I was hungry enough to devour the whole thing, but the guy working there that I was speaking to was sweet enough to get me a free sample of the stuffing. It was a couple of meatballs in this delicious sauce.

Hehehehehehe free food.

One of my must-visit stalls was this Thunder Vodka stall. It’s toffee vodka. I bought my first bottle a couple of years ago at another food festival, and I buy one every food festival I go to since then as they usually always have a stand, plus it’s always cheaper than paying retail price. And I love me some toffee vodka. I had my first shot of it at a bar in Spain when I asked the bartender for something strong but sweet and not Malibu. I’ve never looked back.

Don’t waste your sales pitch on me, sweetie. You had me at hello.

This chorizo lollipop stand was cool too. I seem to like anything you can eat off a stick.

I absolutely adored the packaging of this drink. Good branding and packaging makes so much difference to a product.

Had to get a picture of Hello Fresh. Hello Fresh is a fantastic recipe-box delivery service that deliver all your fresh ingredients to your front door each week with step-by-step recipes telling you how to make them. My flatmates are going to chip in to getting a box, and they are just going to have to like it. I take that back, they’ll love it. I also hear that their social media executive is hilarious.

Next door was this lovely lady who wouldn’t stop giving me free samples to try all of her products. She’d make me dip bread into different oils then in the different herbs that complimented them.

This combination was my favourite.

Nearby was Fitter Foods. This clean food is right up my street.

The fudge on the bottom right was made out of all good, healthy, natural ingredients, such as peanut butter, coconut oil, cacao etc. It was absolutely delicious. I wanted to try the chocolate orange cake, but with all this free food around I just couldn’t bring myself to make an actual purchase.

I did actually buy their cookbook for Ming though as she loves this kind of stuff. Although she does have one too many health, raw cookbooks already.

I got to try their trail mix as well, which was just as yummy. I need to make some of this for myself at home.

This next stall was amazing. I fully regret not buying a tub of the alcoholic ice-cream. They had flavours such as Mojito, Pina Colada and Strawberry Daiquiri. The packaging was adorable and I can only imagine it tasted just as good. The reason I didn’t get any was because I had my sights set on another ice-cream stand, but more on that later…

I take back what I said about Fitter Food. Tucker’s “Big 5” is definitely what’s right up my street. I love trying new, exotic things, and half of the meets that they served I hadn’t ever tried.

Nothing particularly jumped out at me, until I saw “Zebra”.

Now I felt bad about ordering Zebra, as the images that went through my head were of beautiful creatures galavanting through the wild, Lion King style. When I told the cook this, he said “Don’t feel bad, it’s basically just a donkey”. Well, I got told.

I loved their loyalty card as well. Not only does it benefit them, but it makes you want to be adventurous and try everything, not just for the free burger but for yourself.

Oh yeah, and I got a Zebra burger. The meat was tender and it was actually delicious. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it worked perfectly as a burger. I originally asked for just the patty and no bun, but the bun was brown and it looked so good and I just took one bite then just got lazy and started eating it and oh well.

Rossopomodoro is the reason I should not have had that bun.

Not only because they did damn good pizzas..

.. But because they were nice enough to give us free slices for working at the festival. People are so friendly. And I was so hungry.

I had to wash all that food down with something. The Juice Shack glistened to me as if it was from the heavens as I approached it.

The juices looked so delicious, I should have probably gone for one of them.

Instead, my eyes went straight to these babies.

Finally, I saw the winner. Raspberry & Rose Prosecco won my heart.

The day just kept getting better.

I fell in love with this stall as well.

I think anything pink is instantly a winner in my eyes.

The only problem is, I don’t really like gin. The guys at the stall were kind enough to offer me a free drink, but I thought it would be sensible to finish the drink in my hand first.
Unfortunately, as soon as I did finish my drink, I found this stall instead…

A banoffee shot was something I just had to have. I also had to try the honey rum.

It was recommended to go with prosecco, which seemed odd but I was willing to try it. However, I wasn’t willing to have another drink there whilst I was (kind of) in a working environment, so instead I did what any sensible person would do and bought a bottle to take home. I also bought a bottle of the banana rum. She said it was good to pour over a vanilla ice-cream, and that image in my head was enough to make me whip out my wallet. God, what a saleswoman.

I didn’t get to visit the Just Beautiful Cupcakes stall, but Hannah’s sister Tina and her boyfriend Simon were so so sweet and bought me a cupcake from there.

I was (kind of) having a healthy(ish) phase, but who can say no to a red velvet?

I certainly didn’t.

I also couldn’t say no to Custom Cream’s organic ice cream made with liquid nitrogen. Okay, I didn’t so much ‘say no’, I more or less kept checking back at the gigantic queue throughout the day until it was short enough to pounce. This wasn’t until the end of the day, by which time a lot of the flavours had already been sold out.

This included the banana. Damn. I was so looking forward to a banana and peanut butter ice-cream.

As you probably guessed from what I said before, you can make your own tub of ice-cream by mixing up to three ingredients from their long list.

It was pretty slow moving because it takes a little bit of time for them to customise and create each ice cream fresh for each person.

I had a chat with the guys about what I should get. They said they’d done a few crazy flavours that day, like one that involved lamb that they got from another stall. Okay, I’m all for being adventurous, but that was a step too far for me. Maybe one day. Instead, they said that since I like peanut butter so much, they’d recommend it with Nutella. Now, I do love Nutella, but I wasn’t sure how it’d taste mixed, but decided to trust them.

Watching my ice cream being made felt like I was 5 years old and… watching my ice cream being made. So yeah, pretty much the same thing.

Coolest. Thing. Ever.

It was absolutely phenomenal. The fact that it was made before my eyes matched the taste of freshness that I got in every bite. The peanut butter worked incredibly with the Nutella. I’m still dreaming about it now. The guys were so lovely as well. I’m so happy that after the whole day of stalking the stall, it lived up to my expectations. Hooray for calories that are so worth it!

Here are a few other stalls that I’d probably stuff my face if I had the same appetite (and disregard for my body) that I did a few years ago. If you’ve been on my Instagram then you know what I’m talking about.

With, please.

I love the ida of a breadless burrito box. My perfect stall.

I left as a blossoming saleswoman with 3 bottles of alcohol, a bursting stomach and a raging Asian flush. Success!

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