Froyo at Tutti Frutti, London

Oh, it’s hot in London. Now what do I want when it’s hot?
I’m not going to lie, I’ve googled this place. A lot. I know all the flavours it has (although there are only 12 available at one time) and man was I excited.

I also love any place that serves bubble tea. It reminds me of Asia and makes me feel a little homesick.

Oh please, as if I need instructions. I’ve been to my fair share of froyo places.

This flavour was crying out to me.

And this one.

Oh God, too many flavours.

Sophie was just as excited. Who doesn’t love froyo?

The answer to my previous question is Joao. Joao does not like froyo. He says its too healthy. I don’t understand this boy.

Sophie beautifully decorated hers with raspberries and maltesers.

I may have gotten a little carried away with the flavours… I WANTED TO TRY EVERYTHING, OKAY?

I also used this opportunity to fill up on my nutrients.

I’m not even ashamed at the weight of my froyo. Money well spent.

I was a happy bunny! The froyo was a little sorbetty – it had a slight slushy texture instead of a smooth one, so it depends how you like your froyo! All the flavours were good, although red velvet didn’t compare to the Ben & Jerry’s Red Velvet ice-cream I had when I was in America (obviously) but that’s not really Tutti Frutti’s fault.

The peanut butter was my favourite. But then again, peanut butter is always my favourite.

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