Jason Vale's 'Lose 5lb in 5 Days' Juice Master Detox

Love it or hate it, ‘juicing’ is so popular that it’s trending all over the world. I’d never really thought much of it before, I’ll be honest. No way in hell could I go for days without eating solid food. The thought of going without food made me laugh at how ridiculous it sounded and cry at how impossible it would be at the same time. I thought it was just one of those trends that I’d be curious about but never really tried.
That was until my Mum and Ming told me about all the health benefits that came with it. Eating only buckets full of fruit and veg sounded like the healthiest thing on the planet, and let’s be honest, I needed to up my game in the health department. Oh yeah, and I spent the past few weeks eating like a fat bitch. Maybe this would not only help me shed a few pounds, but get my healthy-eating outlook back on track. I was told that Jason Vale (The Juicemaster) had created the crème de la crème of all juice detoxes. Hannah and I then decided to embark on the journey of juice. 
Step 1. Buy all the shit you need. After running around the supermarket trying to find all of our bits and pieces, our trolly ended up looking like this…

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, it’s a bit pricey. But you can’t put a price on your health!
You’ll also need a juicer and a blender. Here’s where all the magic happened. (P.S. From here on, I’ve taken cheeky snaps on my iPhone, so apologise for the shite quality pictures!)

The app was pretty cool. It gave you a shopping list of everything we needed, although we found it missed out a couple of ingredients and wasn’t entirely accurate. It also came with motivational videos, as well as a video on how to make the juices, which were all really good and motivating.

Jason suggests you to do 30 minutes of intense exercise every morning and night during the detox so that your metabolism doesn’t slow down and therefore you won’t gain back all of your weight once you start eating solids again.

This is how much fruit and veg went into one of our juices.

And this is what it ended up looking like…

I wasn’t particularly excited.

For everyone who thinks you’re starving yourself – you’re really not. You get everything you would get if you ate all the fruit and veg in solid form. The fact that it’s liquid means all the good stuff gets into your system a lot more efficiently, therefore making it better for you. The juices actually do fill you up.
In the juice detox, you start the day with a ginger shot at 9:55am, followed by a juice at 10am, 1pm 4pm and 7pm. Each day there were two different juices (10am and 7pm were the same, 1pm and 4pm were the same) and everyday there was a different two juices, which gave it a nice variation.

Hannah and my biggest problem was that we had work, yet refused to give into failure so soon. We skipped the ginger shot as it was too much of a task to make and bottle it to work, and instead just made the first 3 juices to bring to work with us, leaving the 7pm juice to be made fresh when we got home.
I was a cool kid carrying my juices to work in this baby…

Some people in the office thought the fact that I was on a juice detox was hilarious, whereas others were generally interested about how it was going as they’d been curious about it. However, every single person felt sorry for me. Mainly because I was sulking throughout the 5 days. Day 1 was hard. After my cheesecake the night before, I was longing for that sweet taste of solid sugary food. I knew I had to get past this speed-bump and then it’d all be okay.

I was right – after the first day it got a whole lot easier. It was a bit dull just having juice, but I like how light I felt throughout the day.

The highlight of the week was a juice that had banana, berries, seeds and yogurt. Is that sad? I don’t even care. Best. Juice. Ever. If you’ve done this detox, you can totally relate to my excitement. I bet you were crying tears of joy when you read this was coming up.

I was a happy gal at work.

This picture doesn’t even do it justice. Also, it looks like I’m slacking off at work, but being on Twitter is a part of my job, honest!

However, because the juices that I have during the day were all made the night before, none of them even compared to the fresh juice at night. The fresh juices were so much thicker with more flavour – I’d definitely recommend making all of them fresh if you can. You also get so much more nutrients.

This juice excited me so much that I clearly felt compelled to take step-by-step pictures of how it was made. Then decided to put it on the blog and write about it.

Since Hannah and I were in our new pad, we didn’t have any glasses apart from mugs and cocktail glasses. We therefore had no choice but to drink everything out of these babies. Dinner time was always classy.

Eugh. The worst juice by far was this courgette, pepper juice. It had other stuff in it, but it was actually disgusting and was the only juice I couldn’t finish as it tasted too peppery, which was a change as I usually savour every last drop. I later found out I had added 1/4 more pepper than I was supposed to. Shit.

I made it fresh for dinner, which was so much nicer than the crappy one earlier. However, I still decided to leave out the pepper. I think I’ve fulfilled my month’s worth of pepper intake.

It was nice doing it with a friend. I don’t know if I’d be as motivated on my own. If I got home first, I’d prepare all our juices for us, and she’d do the same if she was home first. On each plate I’d lay out all the ingredients for one juice so we could just pop it straight in. Everything’s so much easier when you have a friend doing it with you!

The 5 days eventually was coming to an end, and it was soon Friday. I wish I could be a drama queen and say that it was the worst experience of my life, but it honestly wasn’t too bad. The worst moments were when we had an office meeting where sandwiches and cakes were supplied, and I had to sit in the corner with my crappy juice. Another time, someone in the office was eating lasagne, and the smell was so ridiculously taunting that I had to plug in my earphones, swivel my chair to face the wall and avoid all eye contact until it had been demolished.

However, by Friday, I think I mentally felt that the detox had come to an end. My office decided to get some beers and ciders out as we were working late, and I got offered a cider. I said that I hadn’t eaten solids since Sunday. The response I got was “Yeah you’re gonna get loooooose!”. I didn’t really have much to say back to that. I took the cider.

I only had a few sips and left the rest. I’d probably have passed out if I drank the whole thing. Instead, I ran home to make my last juice. It had beetroot in it. Ugh. I used half instead of a whole one, as I really hate beetroot.

It was actually a pain to make. The colour was just an effort to make sure it didn’t stain anything.

At least, once again, the fresh evening juice was a lot nicer than the afternoon ones. And it was a lot nicer having it out of a Summery cocktail glass instead of a crappy plastic water bottle.

Alas, our juice detox came to an end. The shopping list told us to buy one more pineapple than we actually needed, so we decided to cut it up as it was going to go bad soon. The sight of solid food was too much, and we couldn’t help helping ourselves to it. I know it wasn’t the next day yet, but the juice detox was technically over, right?

After completing the detox, I was told by my PT that juice detoxes aren’t good for you as not having solid food for a long period of time causes stomach ulcers. Ahhh, crap. I think if I was ever to do something like this again, I’d have juice, a meal and soup instead, or two/three juices and a meal.

I didn’t notice any real difference in my skin, but my Mum and Ming did when they did it apparently. I felt a lot better about myself though. Losing weight wasn’t my goal of the detox, but I thought I’d keep tabs on it anyway to see how it went. Keep in mind that I had a huuuuge weekend of feasting, therefore was carrying quite a lot of extra food when I started. This was my progress throughout the week:

Mon – 60kg
Tue – 58.5kg
Wed – 57kg
Thurs – 56.8kg
Fri – 56.2kg

It probably shot back up as soon as I had solid foods. Especially since I’d planned to ease back into solid food with a salad…

I ended up with a burger.

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  1. June 21, 2014 / 7:49 am

    HI! I wanna try out the juice diet, but cant get all the ingredients for all week, because I cant find an article that specifically tells me what to get . Could you give me your detailed grocery list?
    I would really appreciate it!

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