Lunch at Pollen, Singapore

Ming and Mum were raving about a place in Gardens by the Bay that they went to for lunch. Now, I love gardens, and I love a good set lunch menu. I also love my Mum. Time for a Mummy-Daughter date!

Once arriving there, this speedy little vehicle was waiting for us to drive us to the restaurant.

It was such a gorgeous day, and the views were beautiful during the drive there.

But I can’t even explain how beautiful this was! We arrived a little too early so we went downstairs and had a look around the indoor gardens. It was absolutely breathtaking.

I was told to strike my best supermodel pose.

… I was never a born model. This, on the other hand, was so magical!

As I ran around gushing at how beautiful everything was, Mama Bridges was preoccupied.

As soon as she was done, she decided to become photographer. This woman never quits.

She insisted I took a picture in front of everything.

So I made her do the same! Isn’t she stunning?

After our stroll, we walked back to the restaurant, which was already bustling with busy ladies lunch parties.

You know I appreciate any restaurant with a little stool for my bag.
It was so nice to spend some quality time with this chick!

This greeted us soon after we were seated. It was homemade seaweed butter, black sesame butter and apple and dijon mustard purée to go with the white sourdough bread, as well as parmesan rice balls and pork crackling. Everything was sooo good.

We obviously popped some champs to make any lunch even better than it already was.

I’d usually try and skip the bread, but all the butters were so good. The apple and dijon mustard purée was especially amazing.

For Mama Bridges’ first course she ordered pickled boquerones, chilled fennel soup, black olive and orange salad.

I went for the ricotta, pea sorbet with tomato dressing and flat bread. At first my tastebuds didn’t know what to make of the pea sorbet – I’d never had anything savoury and so cold with that texture, but I really enjoyed it when eating it amongst everything else.

For my main I went for the Kurobuta pork belly, miso, asparagus and black sesame. I cannot even describe how amazing this was. The pork belly slid off as I sliced it, and was so delicious with the soft potato.

Mum got the ocean trout with gnocchi, new season peas, shimeji and garlic emulsion. It was mouthwatering.

All conversation ceased as we tucked in. The food was amazing and the menu was so inventive. For dessert, I read the word “peanut” and I was sold. I went for the Thai Peanut which had green apple, celery, praline and kaffir lime. I was a little worried about the celery, but it was gorgeous.

Although I have to say, I was still a little jealous over Mum’s Chocolate “Kopi”, with rum raisin, coffee and truffle honey.

Mum and I were heading down the road of getting a little too happy with our champs, so we decided to go all the way and get some dessert wine to go with our yummy last course. Apparently it was made in a little town south of Bordeaux by a 80 year old woman who started making wine when she was 50.

We were still sipping it as our petit fours arrived. Mum got a cappuccino whilst I went for a green tea (another pathetic attempt to detox my meal).

There’s nothing more fun than getting drunk with one of your own.

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