Shots at Chupitos, Singapore

After filling myself up with ramen, there was only one place I wanted to go. Chupitos was me and my friend’s favourite place when we were younger. It’s a shots bar with the most incredible menu. The original is apparently located in Amsterdam, which I’ve not been to.

Feast your eyes on this.

I really wanted to order some of the speciality shots (ESPECIALLY the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup), however none of us were planning on getting that drunk, or spending too much money.

I haven’t been here in ages, so I ordered some of my favourites. I remember I had a ‘Girl Scout’ when I was younger, as the shot came with a flame and a marshmallow to roast it over. This is to eat after you take the shot, which is a lethal combination of crème de cassis, Baileys and absinthe.

I took one for the team. It wasn’t pretty.

We also ordered Milo Godzilla’s (if you’re from Asia or Australia you’ll know what Milo is – a chocolate drink basically) topped with whipped cream. They’re absolutely delicious.

Poor Jason had a presentation the next day.

We also ordered Paddle Pop shots, which are equally as yummy. For people who don’t know what Paddle Pop is, it’s a brand of ice-cream, so the shot was equally as sweet and creamy. It’s so good that they don’t even tell you what’s in it, just that it’s their ‘secret recipe’. Usually the shots come in different colours, but this time they were both orange.

Janice recommended the Boob Job and the Blow Job. Having no idea what to expect, I agreed. The waitress then came out with these….

The point is to lick the cream off the moulds then drink the shot through the straw. The shot is under the mould. The Blow Job is a concoction kahlua, baileys and vodka, whereas the Boob Job is amaretto, baileys and kahlua. Apparently people order these and do them as dares – so much fun! It probably looks quite dodgy from these pictures, but it was actually hilarious to do (and watch others do). So much fun for a girls/boys night or a hen/stag do!

Jecinda was nominated by us to take the Blow Job. There was no way that this was not getting filmed.

Daniel was then persuaded by us to do the Boob Job.

However, Jecinda was not going to let Janice and I get away with not doing one. If she was going down, she was taking us with her. She then proceeded to order two more Blow Jobs….

The cream presentation was now more extravagant. I see what she’s trying to make me do. Not happy.

Can you see the fear in my eyes…?

As if Jecinda would let us get away with not having it filmed. It will not be inappropriately uploaded as my mother reads this blog.

Sorry, mum!

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