Breakfast at Fouquet's, Paris

Fouquet’s is the place to be seen. Located on one of Paris’ busiest streets, it’s the best possible place to go people watching. And who doesn’t enjoy that on a sunny Sunday morning?

Once again unsatisfied with our hotel breakfast, James and I sat down starving. Our first waiter wasn’t very attentive, who later got told off by the head waiter who apologised profusely on his behalf when he saw that we hadn’t yet been served. They were all very sweet, and swiftly brought us our breakfast.

We ordered a mix of fresh pastries. When in France, right?

Once again, I went for a cappuccino to go alongside my bowl of buttery deliciousness.

James got another hot chocolate. It was slightly more expensive than the one yesterday, but it was slightly better too. It’s safe to say that he got his moneys worth. If you want a good, thick hot chocolate, Paris is the place to be.

He couldn’t resist dipping his croissant in it once again. This habit of his is getting out of control.

I was very happy with the mini pastries as it meant I could try all the different ones without being too much of a piggy. Yay! More food for me later!

We spent the morning discussing business plans and watching the world go by.

At least we did whenever he wasn’t ignoring me for his phone. God, I hate technology.

Two older ladies sat near us got the waiter to take a photo with them. I didn’t want to go that far, but I did get jealous and so we got a cute little shot of us.

Loaded up on caffeine and carbs, I was ready to hit the shops. We entered the mothership.

The Louis Vuitton here always has the best window displays.

After making my little purchase, we went up in the lift to where they customise their products to get mine done. They had the coolest display on the ceiling of the second floor, representing needles. The gentleman explained to us what they resembled and how if you connected them all together it shows you the distance between the store and something else, but I honestly can’t remember. I was clearly too busy nodding away and wondering if it was appropriate to take a picture. I have no shame.

I left the store happy as a clam. We spent the rest of our morning walking around trying on expensive jackets and looking at cars, as you do.

J’adore Paris!

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