Dinner at Brompton Asian Brasserie, London

Grandma Bridges and I go on a lot of dates. One of the places we went a while ago was Brompton Asian Brasserie. Although being half-Asian has made me wary of western-style Asian restaurants, they had a few dishes that were good enough to go back for. Papa Bridges was leaving back to Singapore the next day, so him, G-ma, Hannah and I went out for a little au revoir dinner.
We had the option of sitting upstairs or downstairs. Downstairs was empty, but the DJ was starting soon, and apparently it has a really good vibe.

Unfortunately, I don’t think Grandma and Dad were ready to party as much as Hannah and I were, so we opted for the sensible seating upstairs.

I was once again put in charge of ordering. It’s more of a sharing plates place instead of an individual meal restaurant.

We had some nice kimchi put in front of us, which was a nice Asian change from the standard bread. Asians are so clever.

They also stuck this under my nose.

They all looked amazing but I resisted. Although I did have half a glass of red.

Grandma had her G&T.

Dad went for a good old Singaporean Tiger Beer. Whenever I see Tiger Beer, I feel the need to tell everyone around me that it’s from Singapore. Several times. I need to learn that no one actually gives a shit.

I kept looking into the open kitchen to see these amazing dishes being churned out. We were starving.

The first dish to arrive was my favourite dish the last time we came here. It’s Crispy Black Cod Rolls with Mango Sauce. They are so delicious. The mango sauce is amazing with the rolls.

We also ordered Asparagus and Asian Mushroom Dim Sum, which were absolutely adorable.

My all-time favourite dim sum is Pork & Prawn Siu Mai. Here, they do it with truffle on top. This is so good – not the best Pork & Prawn Siu Mai that I’ve ever had or anything, just the fact that there’s truffle on it!

The Tuna Tartar with Oscietria Caviar was really good.

We also got Tofu Parcels with Red Curry & Crispy Shallots. Ever since Hannah suggested I try tofu a few months ago, after convincing myself I’d hated it for my whole life, I just can’t stop eating it.

This was really, really nice. It was filled with rice though, which wasn’t great as I was trying to avoid carbs. Drats.

The Salt & Pepper Baby Squid was with a Sweet Soya & Ginger Dressing. It was good, but I preferred grilled squid.

The Crispy Egg Noodles with Chicken, Pak Choi and Asian Mushrooms was average at first. The chicken and veg were nothing special, especially I’m a half-Asian critic.

However, the noodles saved the day.

The Grilled Shiitake with Garlic Soya Butter was delicious, but really small, especially since we shared between the 4 of us.

The Scallops with Sweet Braised Pork Belly, Pomelo, Fennel, Green Apple and Hot & Sour Sauce was beautifully presented, but the scallops were a bit too chewy.

Salmon Teriyaki is always a great go-to safe option, and was really yummy.

I was wondering what to order last, and asked the waiter what he’d recommend. He went for the Black Pepper Beef with Sugar Snaps, so I trusted him. It was good, but a little too peppery for my liking. To be honest, the fact that ‘pepper’ is in it’s name means that it’s supposed to be so I can’t even complain!

So the food was good, but not as hearty and delicious as my Singapore chow. However, I’d go back just for the Black Cod Rolls! After we licked everything clean, the dessert and hand towels were placed in front of us.

We were all super good, but Grandma Bridges wanted a cheeky scoop of vanilla ice-cream. It was presented beautifully but was very teeny tiny.


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