Dinner at Chutney Mary, London

It was about that time of week for my dinner date with Grandma Bridges! She’d always rave about this  Indian restaurant, Chutney Mary, every time we drove past it. Grandma was telling me about how their cuisine and menu has stemmed from when expats lived in India and recreated classic Indian dishes to suit their tastes. She hadn’t been there in 7 years, so it was about time I took her for a little visit.

We were absolutely starving, so we made a reservation really early. As in so early that, when we arrived, they hadn’t fully opened. Embarrassing. We sat at the entrance seating area and scanned the drink menu for goodies.

And they had lots of them.

Downstairs, the restaurant is massive and romantically lit.

We sat in the conservatory area, which was covered in green and was gorgeous.

Grandma was good and ordered the Apple, Cucumber and Mint cooler.

I was even better and ordered the freshly squeezed clementine juice.

It was absolutely delicious. It was so fresh and you could 100% taste the difference between orange juice.

Grandma wasn’t that impressed with hers. We both agreed it needed a bit more of a kick, so she sent it back to get a shot of vodka added to it. I love Grandma Bridges – I know where I get it from.

She was happy with the improvement.

However, I felt it needed a second seal of approval.

They have a pretty extensive menu, and we had no idea where to start. We thought it’d be best (and easier) to order the tasting menu. I love any excuse for a good tasting menu. I was so excited! We didn’t get the one with a paired glass of wine to accompany each course.

We did get a bottle of red though.

First up was the scallop in Caldeen sauce. I love scallops. The sauce was a spiced green herb, ginger and coconut sauce.

We mopped up the sauce with the delicious naan bread. Ugh, carbs. And after 5pm. Cheat meal?

Our next course was the Chicken Malai Tikka. It was infused with green chilli, and the chutney went with it perfectly.

The last starter was a Jaipuri Lamb Kebab with yoghurt chutney. The lamb was so tender.

You can imagine how excited my face was when I saw our mains arrive.

Our lovely waiters explained each course to us, and loved explaining the different dishes for our mains. It was a Goa Green Chicken Curry, Lucknowi Goshti (lamb dish), Palak Tamatar (spinach dish), Dal Makhani, Laccha Paratha and Steamed Basmati Rice.

How cute is the basmati rice pot? Nearly made me forget about carb-loading.

I don’t care what the proper name for this is, but this was classic roti prata! I was missing Singapore with each bite.

I licked each little bowl clean.

Of course, we couldn’t end our tasting menu without a good dessert. It was a delicious Passionfruit Brûlée with Coconut Cream, although it was really ice-cream. You didn’t see me complaining. Yumyumyum.

Another successful hot date with my beautiful Grandma.

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