Dinner at Le Colombier, London

I have such a special relationship with my Dad. Growing up, I’m pretty sure he always wanted a boy, so I was the closest thing there was to that. I was pretty much a tomboy. I’d wear board shorts all the time, go wake-boarding every week with my guy friends so I’m almost certain my Mum must have thought I was a lesbian at one point. I’d always watch football and play sports with my Dad to fulfil any role that boys should do. Unfortunately, I grew up and realised that in fact I was a girl. However, Dad and I get on so well, so it was really nice to spend some quality time with him.

We went to La Colombier, a restaurant I’d never heard of but he’d always wanted to try. I like not picking a restaurant for a change. Everyone always expects me to choose because I’m such a foodie, but it’s so nice without the pressure of picking every once in a while! Especially since this place was gorgeous. Well done, Daddy Bridges.

Oh yeah, it was also empty. As always, we were eating very early. This was because it’s such a busy place that it was the only time Dad could book for on such short notice. I didn’t mind though as I came straight from work. Thus, we were the only two cool kids in the restaurant. I really hoped no one thought it was some dodgy date and I was some young gold-digger…

The usual.

Also the usual.

The restaurant have their own brand of wine – how cute! French red is okay. I prefer Italian red, but at a French restaurant you really can’t/shouldn’t order anything other than the cuisine you’re having.

On the table was this little card. It was basically calling us to order oysters.

So that’s what we did. The apparatus was set up on our table and waiting.

We ordered the two different kids of oysters shown on the card. Oysters are delicious. I know the proper way to eat them is to not chew them and let them slide down your throat, but I have no idea how to do that. I need to chew them or I’d feel like I was choking.

Dad then ordered the Terrine de Jambon. It’s essentially ham, and it was absolutely delicious with the mustard that came with it.. The only thing was that it was very heavy, so I was feeling pretty full after eating my half of it. It’s good with bread, but I was trying to lay off the carbs so didn’t have any, and it was actually fine without it.

I was a very good girl and ordered the stone bass. The stone bass is from the same family as the sea bass, but they are from further down in the ocean. They’re nickname is actually ‘wreck fish’ because they’re sourced from so deep in the sea. It was really good, especially with the spinach. Sorry potatoes, you didn’t make the cut.

Dad had the turbot, which he said was fantastic.

We were on such a nice healthy roll. We knew we were playing with fire but we asked to see the desserts menu anyway. Dad was instantly excited as Sauternes (really good dessert wine) was on the front of the menu. We scanned through all of the delicious sounding desserts trying to see which we’d get if we were sharing. I think if they had tempting descriptions then that would have pushed me over the edge, but thankfully it just said their names. We were so close to ordering one, but I made the sensible decision to stay away and wait for another time that was irresistible.

Bianca’s Body: 1. Bianca’s Tummy: Minus 5.

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