Dinner at Les Deux Salons, London

One of the good things about working in such a central part of London is the fact that there are so many good places for dinner and drinks that are decently nearby. I (very sadly) have a list of places on my phone for restaurants and bars that aren’t too far from work just in case I was meeting friends and needed to decide quickly where to go. As gay as you think this may be, it proved to be 100% useful during last-minute arrangements for my catch-up with Matt, so ha!
Out of the list of places, Les Deux Salons was the choice of the evening.

The choice was mainly based on the fact that the prices looked so reasonable on the menu, as well as the fact that they had a variety of food where there weren’t so many carbs as someone wasn’t having any.. To be fair, neither was I really, but for once it was nice not being the picky one!

Even though it was a Tuesday, I was worried that we wouldn’t be seated as we didn’t have a reservation and people love a good bit of socialising after work. However, the place was massive so we had absolutely no problems.

I’d show you a picture of my company for the evening, but unfortunately there was a strict ‘no-photos’ policy during dinner. Fine. I got him to take a picture of me instead.

I had more important things to think about anyway. Such as what I was going to have…

They had a great set menu of pea and mint soup, duck confit or cod fillet, ice cream and a glass of wine for only 19.75 pounds. Unfortunately, being healthy did not include the ice cream or wine. Drats.
Instead, Matt ordered the smoked & fresh salmon rillettes. And what do you know, it came with a big fat hunk of bread.

I ordered the cornish crab cakes. They were absolutely delicious with the chilli jam that it was served with. I don’t like the taste of food when it’s too fried, and it was done really well, especially since the crab cakes were fairly thin.

Matt then went for the duck confit with braised butter beans. It looked insanely good. The duck basically slid off the bone.

Check out that cheeky bit of arm in the shot. Things are getting out of control.

I ordered the fillet of cod with mushy peas. The mushy peas made the dish feel very fish-and-chips-esque (which I loved as I enjoy a good bit of fish and chips), but obviously a lot posher and healthier. The fish was so tender and the mushy peas were excellent. I’m pretty sure that’s got to be one of my five a day…

Well, if not, these were. Matt and I ordered spinach and green beans to split. Thank god we have the same taste of food in common. I’m always a bit wary of veg served at restaurants (or any food at restaurants) as they always smother everything in kilos of butter, especially French restaurants. Oh well. This is as good as it can get. I wish I didn’t love butter so much.

I managed to control myself long enough to take this shot before I inhaled it all.

Actually, I wasn’t too bad, as catching up with people always forces me to talk and therefore I eat a lot more slowly. At boarding school, my house of girls would just not speak to each other during dinner. We had priorities. Although people probably just thought we all weren’t actually friends.

We established that we weren’t going to have dessert, but we were so nosey and had a look anyway. I ALWAYS FORGET THAT THIS IS A BAD IDEA. We both picked out what we’d have gotten if we did order one (two in my case, obviously), then put down the menu and didn’t look back. The will-power was phenomenal. I could taste the praline in my mouth already.

Les Deux Salons is incredibly good value for money – actually one of the best places for it. The food was very, very good, and exceptionally well-priced. Paris Brest, I’ll be back for you. One day.

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