Dinner at Pitt Cue Co., London

I have officially found my all-time favourite restaurant. Ever. Ever ever ever.
I’m very much a carnivore. I’ve like the thought of maybe being a vegetarian. I’ve had days where I’ve just so happened to not have eaten any meat. I think once when I was 11 I decided to join PETA and become a veggie. That lasted 6 hours until dinner, where I devoured 13 chicken drumsticks. I’ve never made such a silly decision again.
Pitt Cue Co. do meat. And they do it good. So good that, joint with the fact that there are only 30 seats inside, there is a queue round the block at 6.30pm. And I thought I was so sneaky by getting there so early. Drats.

It was good to see this girlie, though! Although we were both famished, it was so nice to catch up with her and hear about her travelling adventures. We never get to see each other that often, but when we do, it’s amazing and like we’ve never been apart!

We were always not too far from the front, but the line was slow moving. People were clearly taking their sweet time (and for good reason). We eventually got close enough to see today’s menu, which spurred on my excitement even more. Emily loves pulled pork, and I had set my heart on getting down and dirty with some beef ribs. Also – bone marrow mash?! It’s like a dream. Okay I’ll be honest, I had no idea what to expect it would taste like. But all I knew was that I wanted it.

An hour and a half later, we reached the door. I’d not waited this long for food since The Breakfast Club.

I could see why the queue was so long. The place was tiny. There’s a small bar upstairs with a few seats around the counters attached to the walls, as well as a small room downstairs.

As well as starving, we were thirsty. Whilst we were inside, although we’d had made it to the bar, a table wasn’t free for us yet. Emily ordered a Whatever beer, which was on tap.

I fell in love with the adorable bottles of cider that were lined up on top of one of the shelves. I’d usually go for a cocktail, but I felt compelled to order it. The bartender warned me that is was very appley, but that’s how I like it anyway.

We were then told that a table was ready. Hurrah! We could either take one of the counter tables upstairs, or wait for an actual table downstairs. Are you joking? I’d been waiting an hour and a half, and the smell of cooked meat was driving me crazy. I needed food.

My heart broke a little bit.

They had run out of beef ribs. JUST MY LUCK.

I asked what else they recommended, and they said they couldn’t recommend the Smoked Mangalitza Shoulder Chop more. It was shipped in from Hungary to their farm in Cornwall (most of their meat is from their Cornwall farm). It was one of the first pigs brought in this morning. A little part of me wondered if it was because it was more expensive than the other things. But the fact that I was warned about the cider, and she warned me that I would absolutely love it but only if I didn’t mind lots of fatty bits, made me think they were so honest. AND I WAS STARVING SO FINE I’LL HAVE IT BRING ME ANYTHING PLEASE.

When they brought out our Chipolte Thighs that we ordered to share, I was so happy to see food. But it turns out it wasn’t food. It was drops of paradise compressed into a solid form and served to me.

They were incredible. The outside was coated in a sticky sauce which was spicy enough for a good kick but not enough to put me off. But to be fair, nothing was going to stop me – not even the fact that it was steaming hot and burning my tongue. I battled through.

The chicken was deliciously tender and sticky and heavenly and just completely amazing.
But not as amazing as what I was going to taste next. My Smoked Mangalitza Shoulder Chop was placed in front of me pretty swiftly after the chicken, and I was drooling.

Emily was just as excited about her pulled pork.

When you order a meat, it comes with a side, so we ordered the Bone Marrow Mash and the Grilled Broccoli with Almonds & Shallots to share.

This Bone Marrow Mash was absolutely phenomenal. It’s a must-order if you go and they have it. As you probably know, I try and avoid high GI carbs as much as I can, especially after lunchtime. But there was no stopping me. It just went so nicely with my pork. Then again, you could put it on a chocolate cake and I’d still eat it.

Back to my new baby – the Smoked Mangalitza Shoulder Chop. She was right, it was a little fatty. I honestly couldn’t care less though. It was such a good-quality piece of meat, and super succulent.

I wasn’t wasting any little bit of this bad boy.

After feasting on what was probably the best pork I’ve ever had, Emily and I ordered their one dessert. It was unnecessary as we were pretty full, but we were in such a happy mood that we were just like, bring on the cheesecake. Also, the fact that there is only one dessert available (it changes daily) means that you don’t have the hassle of choosing.

 It was the Greengage Cheesecake, which we ordered with two spoons. Greengage is a type of plum, which Emily loves. I love plums too, but it’s not my absolute favourite as a dessert. It was a nice dessert, but I prefer the proper solid cheesecakes, not the ones in cups. I also prefer chocolate. And peanut butter. Although I would have probably cried as that would have made it one of the best meals of my life.

So, I’ve found the new place all of my guy friends. The other day, I stumbled across the Pitt Cue Co. Cookbook at a bookshop. The first thing I did was check that it had the recipe for Bone Marrow Mash in it, then I sprinted to the cashier. Whoever marries me is a lucky, lucky man.

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