Lunch at Wild Food Cafe & The Wild Juicery, London

So Ming’s been really into raw food lately, which I can totally get down with. I like sashimi, I like salad… Raw food won’t be so hard! Plus, I’ve been to Saf and The Living Café before, I’m basically an expert. She found a few cool raw places in London, so we popped over to Wild Food Café in Covent Garden to have a raw lunch.
I’d never ventured to this area of CG before – it was a quirky little alleyway.

The atmosphere is so laid-back and it has a hippie vibe, completely what you’d expect at a raw place.

The staff were so friendly and talked us through the specials and what was good.

We sat by the ‘bar’ which stared directly into the open kitchen. As if they had anything to hide.

Mum had eaten before so she just got a Tropical Awesome Smoothie – Orange, pineapple, mango, passionfruit, banana, coconut fresh aloe vera, fresh Irish moss, ginger and cayenne. It was pre-made, but probably not that long before.

Hannah ordered the Organic Ayuvedic Super Salad, which was a mix of leafy greens, courgette spaghetti, artichoke hearts, avocado, cucumber, red pepper, pesto, mango salsa, seeds and shiitake mushrooms. I immediately was struck with food envy.

Ming went for the Raw Sushi Selection, which was one of the specials that day. It looked beautiful.

So beautiful that it was a cheeky Instagram opportunity.

I asked the waitress what was most popular down here (my sad attempt at trying to fit in) and went for her recommendation of the Wild Burger. The patty was made of shiitake, raw olive and dulse and came with their special Wild Sauce, tomatillo salsa verde, caramelised onions, baba-ganoush and crispy gem lettuce. It usually comes with wholemeal sprouted organic wheatbread, but I decided to go all-out and asked from it with the organic gluten-free un-baked sundried tomato & sunflower seed cracker. I’m a pro at this whole raw thing.

It was actually really yummy. I don’t think I could be raw all the time, but a meal every now and again I really don’t mind. I’m far too much of a carnivore.

 We devoured everything. Apart from my lonely little cucumber on the side.

The good thing about raw food is that I feel like I’ve eaten so healthily that I can order dessert guilt-free. I also feel like the fact that the dessert is raw that it’ll be good for me and therefore I can eat as much as I want, hooray! We ordered a slice of the two cakes that were available that day – Strawberry & Coconut and Chocolate & Blueberry.

Mum ordered the Raw Chocolate Mousse just to have a taste as she knew I’d steal the rest.

The mousse was really rich and very, very nice for a raw dessert. The cakes were also both very rich and dense. At first I thought they were being stingy with the tiny slices, but it turned out to actually be too much for us to finish. I didn’t really enjoy the cakes that much, they made me feel a little ill afterwards. I kept on eating them though as I think my brain told me to keep going as it was dessert, thinking I’d like it or the next bite would be better. I mean, it was tasty for a raw dessert, but I did feel very sick for the rest of the day. I sadly don’t think my body was made for all of this raw stuff.

Once we’d admitted defeat, we went to the Wild Juicery next door to give it a go.

They sell an amazing range of raw, healthy products. Some stuff looked really cool, like the raw desserts. I clearly haven’t learnt my lesson.

We picked up a few goodies to take home.

After pacing around the tiny shop looking at what they had to offer, we finally turned out attention to the juices.

Now these were definitely made from scratch. It’s kind of nice having a fresh juice and not thinking about the effort of cleaning the juicer after.

Rebecca had joined us by this point, and went for an Awesome – Orange, pinapple, mango, passion fruit, banana, fresh coconut, fresh aloe vera, fresh irish mass, ginger and cayenne. She slurped it up pretty quickly, so it must have been good.

Ming went super green, as always, ordering the Balanced. It was cucumber, celery, parsley, kale, spinach, broccoli, lemon and ginger. That girl is an inspiration, I tell you.

I tried to follow in the steps of my big sis and went for a green juice as well. I got the Vibrant – Apply, celery, cucumber, spinach, parsley, lemon and ginger.

It wasn’t my day. I think my body is just rejecting anything good for me right now. I felt ill from the cake before, and the juice was too gingery for my tastebuds that I could only manage a few sips. I’m sorry, body, I tried.

Hannah’s looked delicious though. Lucky bitch.

I think I need a burger tonight.

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