Crodoughs at Rinkoff Bakery, London

So cronuts are a big deal in New York. Invented by Dominique Ansel, they’re a hybrid of doughnuts and croissants. Here in London, if you want to get them, Rinkoff Bakery is the place to go. Only here, they’re called Crodoughs. I know Greggs have started selling them, but I’d much rather get them handmade with lots of love than manufactured at a chain. I’ve been dying to go to Rinkoff Bakery for ages, and today was the day I plucked up the courage for my body to take the sugar hit.

Rinkoff Bakery is a family bakery established in 1911 based in London. Not only does it sell crodoughs, but it’s the home of other delicious baked goods.

Enough of that though, lets get back to the show-stoppers. Crodough’s here have been immensely popular. People have called in to reserve them, make large orders for snacks and dinner parties. They’ve got some Christmas special flavours on the cards, but currently they do 4 delicious flavours. Raspberry, Toffee Apple, Chocolate Ganache and Custard.

Get ready for your mouth to start watering…

I was speaking to Jen, who was so so lovely. Jen’s Dad currently run’s the bakery. It was started by her great grandfather, and she was telling me all about these delicious crodoughs. I desperately wanted to be eating one whilst sipping on a cup of coffee outside, but it was raining horribly. Jen was lovely enough to pack some up for me to review.

Too. Excited.

I headed back to the office in the rain, clutching onto my box of crodoughs with my dear life. I’m pretty certain if anyone knew what was inside, I’d be mugged in seconds. I literally couldn’t wait to open it up…

I went back to the office and had to fight off the vultures until I’d finished my review.

First up was the custard.

The custard was really, really good. I’m not usually a huge custard fan, but it was an amazing crodough flavour. It was more doughnut than croissant, but you could definitely see the croissant texture of it.

I couldn’t eat all of it as I knew I had to try them all. That and I knew I had some very hungry and very jealous people all waiting to get a taste.

One down, three to go.

I was too excited for the Toffee Apple. In my opinion, it was the most attractive of the lot.

It was just as amazing as it looked. The toffee sauce was of perfect constancy, and the flavour of it worked beautifully with the apple taste.

There was even apple sauce inside the crodough layers, which was my favourite thing about it.

The Chocolate Ganache was next. It’s their newest flavour, and has been selling especially well, although all of them have been selling like hotcakes, or, well, crodoughs.

God, I don’t think anyone could have been happier than me at that very moment. Although I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t any chocolate inside like the apple sauce, the chocolate ganache at the top was incredible and probably more than enough.

I don’t think I could’ve had a favourite, but if I was threatened to pick one or I was never allowed to eat a crodough ever again (although it would probably be best for the beach bod), I’d have to pick the raspberry.

I think it’s because the raspberry jam reminded me of a normal jam doughnut, but less full-on, so it was absolutely perfect. It was the sweetest as well, and I like sweet.

I couldn’t help myself and kept cutting more and more for myself. They were too delicious.

Once I thought I’d smuggled enough for myself, I decided to set them free.

Okay, a bit of a lie, I battled through for more. It’s all the sugar. It’s like a drug.

I finally had my coffee with my crodough in the office.

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