Dinner at Hakkasan, London

So I haven’t been having the best of days.
Earlier, I was going to a food trade show for work. It was only 15 minutes from the office, and after being sat down for 20 minutes getting taught step-by-step how to get there (I have an extremely bad sense of direction), I of course managed to go opposite direction. I ended up miles away, taking an hour our of my already-busy day.
I thought that was the worst my inability to get to places on my own could do that day. I was wrong. After Georgie specifically reminded me that we were meeting at the Hakkasan in Hanway place a few hours prior to meeting, I ended up in the wrong location. I was running late to start with, and I made this poor chick wait for me for 45 minutes. I am a pathetic mess. I shouldn’t be allowed to roam the streets on my own. I arrived to a very, very patient and understanding Georgie, who (very understandably) already had a cocktail and had started on a bottle of wine.

She poured me a glass, and I can’t tell you how relieved I was to be finally sitting down. I took a taxi from the other restaurant to this one, and was dropped 10 minutes away down the street, which I sprinted in my heels. I think that’s one of my talents. I should put it on my CV.

This was the delicious white that Georgie had picked out.

Whilst waiting for me, she was sipping on the Passion Fruit Millionaire, which she said was amazing. It was Rittenhouse 100 rye whiskey, passion fruit, grenadine and lemon. In fact, browsing through the cocktail list, everything looked amazing. I was happy to stick with white though – I had to get up early to the gym the next day so I couldn’t be stumbling home!

The whole restaurant was fantastic. It had a buzzing, thriving ambience full of young professionals. It was loud and busy – everyone seemed to be catching up, which was just what we were doing.

We oohed and aahed over what to order for a while.

Finally, we settled on a few winners. We ordered salt and pepper squid to start us off.

You can’t go too far wrong with squid.

We also ordered Georgie’s Hakkasan favourite – Crispy Duck Salad with pomelo, pine nut and shallot. It was beautifully presented, which was nice too see before the waiter kindly mixed it up and served it to us.

The crispy duck was very, very good. Georgie was right – it’s a definite must-order if you come.

For our main, we ordered the Roast Chicken in Satay Sauce and a side of Bok Choy – my favourite Chinese veg.

The chicken was very dry. The sauce was alright, although not peanuty enough for a satay sauce, which I guess is good if you don’t like peanuts. Unfortunately, I love peanuts. The bok choy was not bad, but not as good as Singapore. On one hand it’s unfair to compare it to it’s homeland, but on another, I’d prefer my box of boy choy for a couple of dollars compared to the expensive dish.

We obviously still finished everything, but were a little let down. However, as we finished, we saw the most amazing dessert being brought to the table next to us. Georgie grabbed the waiter and told him that we wanted one too. With two spoons. She’s a girl after my own heart.

It was the Jivara Bomb with milk chocolate, hazelnut praline and rice krispies. It was enough to melt our stone-cold hearts.

And if it wasn’t, the hot chocolate sauce definitely was.

It was a struggle breaking the ice-cream in half, so we had to really get into it.

… Which was not at all a problem for me. I knew doing weights at the gym would pay off somehow.

It was incredible. I’m pretty sure there was some popping candy in there as well. All of the ingredients worked magically together, and we licked that plate clean. I don’t think any other dessert on the menu really compared to this one at all. This is 100% a must order.

We wiped our hands with our wet towels given to us, staring at our empty plate half-satisified, half-sad that it was all gone.

As we left, I got to appreciate just how great the ambience was there, which I completely ignored when I stormed in flustered and panting from my sprinting.

Although some of the food might be a little overrated, I would definitely come back with a group of friends for a flurry of cocktails. And a Jivara Bomb.

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