Dinner at Kurobuta, London

So the best little pop-up restaurant has just opened up.  It’s called Kurobuta and it’s on the Kings Road. It’s been open for a couple of weeks and has been doing really well so far. They’ve planned to be around for 3 months, but they’re going to see how it goes before they stick around for the long-run, which is looking likely due to the great feedback they’ve been getting!

I’m glad I swung by earlier that day to make a booking, as during the night they were turning away smaller parties because it was so full. And there were 6 of us.

It’s a small, cosy place, but it has a great, casual vibe.

Early was good. It meant I could snoop around taking some cheeky pictures without getting weird looks, although I have literally no shame in whipping out my camera anymore! They had a nice big mirror on the wall, which I made full use of.

I also spotted a slushie machine, which they used to top beer, which I found amazing.

I got a cheeky picture of one. Shame I’m not a beer girl!

The place rapidly filled up.

We felt very smug in our booth.

The menu has a good range of items. It’s a double sided A4 page that’s not too long, but everything looked amazing. Between 6 of us, 12 – 15 dishes were recommended. Of course, we got 16.

And red. Always red.

The cocktail menu also looked fantastic. Unfortunately, I was trying to be good (for once), which meant I was missing out, but I’d have definitely gotten the Saketini or the Margarita. I guarantee I’ll be back here very soon, and a cocktail will be ordered.

Obviously, I wouldn’t be back just to get a cocktail. It’s mainly because the food here is absolutely outstanding.
Whilst we were scanning the menu, the waiter suggested he bring out a couple of servings of the Sweet Potato Fries and Edamame.

The Sweet Potato and Soba-Ko Fries came with 2 delicious sauces. I love sweet potato. Unfortunately, so did everyone else. I had to fight for them.

The Flamed Edamame with Sake, Lemon, Butter and Maldon Salt were the best edemame beans I’ve ever had. Having the flamed was incredible.

The first of our many dishes arrived – The Gravadlax Salmon Sashimi with Jalapeno-Miso Sauce. The waiter warned us that one dish wasn’t enough for all of us to try it (the salmon, for example, only came with 4 pieces), but I insisted we’d order one of each anyway so we could try everything without overeating.

It was hidden beneath the rocket, and was delicious.

However, they were quickly shown up by the Jerusalem Artichoke ‘Chopsticks’ with Truffle Ponzu Dip. They were absolutely incredible. We could’ve eaten these all night.

The Yellowtail Sashimi with Kizami Wasabi Salsa and Yuzu-Soy was also really good, and also had a lot of pieces so we all got one each, which we were very happy about!

This was personally my favourite. It was the Beef Fillet Tataki with Onion Ponzu and Garlic Crisps. The fact that it’s my favourite says a lot as beef never usually is.

There may look like a lot of pieces, but not after I was done with it. So so so good.

Oh, these were good too. Obviously not in comparison to my love for the beef. It was the Squid Kara-Age which came with a Jalapeno Dipping Sauce that complimented it beautifully.

The Free Range Chicken Kushi-Yaki with Japanese BBQ Sauce was sticky and tender. And unfortunately came on 2 skewers. And I unfortunately had to share. Boo.

Avoiding bread didn’t last long.  The BBQ Pork Belly in Steamed Buns with Spicy Peanut Soy came with 2 buns. The sauce was a little dark for my taste, but I poured on the peanuts inside the buns anyway.

Yum yum yum.

The Baby Shrimp Tempura with Spicy Mayo and Warm Ponzu Dipping Sauces was good, although tempura isn’t top of my list as I’m not too keen on overly-fried things, but you’ll love it if you’re a tempura fan.

The Japanese Mushroom Grilled on Hoba Lead with Gorgozola Miso and Pine Nuts was incredible. This is a must-order for both carnivores and veggies. I fought everyone off this too.

It very quickly stood up the other mushroom dish.

However, Ming’s favourite dish of the night Nasu Dengaku; Sticky Miso Grilled Aubergine with Sesame Seeds. It was sweet and soft inside, and lip-smackingly good.

Hannah’s favourite was the Black Cod Miso-Yaki. The only cod that’s ever lived up to this was the one I had at Ku De Ta in Singapore. One of the two best cods I’ve ever had. That’s pretty damn good.

We also ordered the Quinoa and Soba Risotto with Shiitake and Parmesan, which was the only dish that I thought was pretty average. I could have easily gone without it as it kind of reminded me or porridge. I probably wouldn’t order it again. I don’t like porridge. 

But I love ramen! It wasn’t just any old ramen – it was BBQ Pork Belly and Crispy Duck Ramen Noodles. It’s like they threw in the two of the most delicious meats.. Plus ramen.

We were given little bowls for us to share it.

I had a good two helpings.

I was satisfied, but still felt pretty greedy. The waiter said there was no dessert menu, but he told us they had a pistachio dish, a carrot cake-esque dish, and mochi ice-cream. Obviously, I asked for all three.

For those who’ve never had mochi, it’s a Japanese dessert that’s flavoured sticky rice filled with ice-cream. They were yummy, but I’m not big on the sticky rice – I’d prefer just ice-cream.

I really liked the pistachio dish. I have no idea what was in it… It didn’t look very appetising, I’ll be honest. But taste-wise, I could taste pistachio, chocolate and berries. And oh, did I like that.

Everyone else adored the carrot cake dessert. You can see what I mean by it wasn’t exactly the classic carrot cake, but it was themed around it.

I highly recommend the place, especially if it could potentially disappear in 3 months time, although I hope it sticks around! If you go, can I come with you?

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